Monday, April 3, 2017

Tips from a Kitchen Contractor in New Orleans on Preservation

If you want to remodel while preserving the architecture of your home, call to speak with our kitchen contractor in New Orleans. Preserving existing materials and architecture inside of a home is actually far more challenging than conducting demolition, tearing everything out and installing new. It is faster to demo and can often save money which is why most contractors will offer that initially instead of discussing preservation techniques.

However, it is certainly possible to preserve a lot of the materials and character of an older home. It simply requires the homeowner's patience with the process and investing in a contractor with the experience to preserve historic materials.

Preservation tips from a kitchen contractor in New Orleans.

First, there must be a plan between homeowner and contractor. In most cases, not everything will be worth preserving or capable of preservation. For example, if something is too fragile to move or rotting, we may not be able to safely move it without causing damage. This makes it important to go over all the existing materials in the home and make note of what to preserve.

It is also necessary to have contingency plans in place. Once the process begins, things will be discovered and it may require some adjustment. For example, lighting fixtures may be salvaged but require new components or wiring. Having a plan for how a situation like this will be addressed makes the process able to continue without causing massive delays.

Quality takes time

Slow and steady is the name of the game when it comes to preserving materials. It is critical to hire a contractor who can carefully remove the existing cabinetry from the walls or restore it in place. This requires extensive patience but is entirely worth it to preserve the character of an older home. Creativity is also necessary when remodeling a historic kitchen.

Finding ways to incorporate modern appliances, update plumbing and wiring while still preserving the cabinetry, flooring, look and feel of the kitchen, requires not just skill but extensive creativity. As a contractor, we have the creativity necessary to identify solutions and work toward a successful outcome.

Many of the homes we work on are historic. We treasure them and the opportunity to bring new life to spaces without taking away from the historic charm that makes them beautiful.

We can visit your home and create plans as a kitchen contractor in New Orleans.

Getting started is as easy as calling and scheduling an appointment with our office. We have experience in these types of restoration and remodeling projects and can add valuable insight to the overall process. We will need to visit the property and discuss what the goals are for the project prior to making specific recommendations.

We are thoughtful and methodical during this process, understanding that there is only one opportunity to remodel a historic home correctly. After all, once the original materials are gone, nothing can replace them as perfectly as our team.

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