Friday, December 16, 2016

Plan for a Spectacular Kitchen Remodel Near New Orleans

We can make a kitchen remodel near New Orleans truly spectacular. You can have the kitchen of your dreams and we can handle the entire project for you from start to finish. Before we get going, there are some things you can do to prepare for a smooth and fun remodel.

5 Ways to Plan for a Kitchen Remodel Near New Orleans

#1 Spend time thinking about what you want

You need to spend time thinking about what you want from your kitchen. There really is no limit so it is up to you to determine how you want your kitchen to function on a daily basis. For example, if you are not a cook but you love to throw parties, having warming ovens built-in and fridges that can accommodate large party platters is going to be important.

If you are a baker that loves to spend time cooking with the kids, you are going to need a double oven, plenty of counter space, and storage that can accommodate all of your equipment. We can help during this planning process so let us know what your cooking style is like and how your space is used or how you would like your kitchen to function going forward. Your kitchen needs to be functional for the specifics of how you operate, not just how the standard family uses a kitchen.

#2 Find out how long it will take

Understanding the timeline is critical for your planning process. For a while, your kitchen will be unusable and so you'll need to consider if you want to remain in the house or somewhere else. As long as your kitchen is out of commission you are going to need a backup plan for how you are going to prepare family meals. We can give you some suggestions for this, including using an outdoor grill and relocating a refrigerator and microwave to another area of the home temporarily.

#3 Hire the right contractor

We recommend that you hire us to complete your kitchen remodel near New Orleans because our experience is top-rate. Our projects are stunning and our customers are satisfied. We can show you a variety of examples so that you can make a decision that you feel confident with.

#4 Work with a designer

We can help you to design a new kitchen by giving you options for cabinets and countertop materials, or you can hire an interior designer to help with this process and they can let us know what materials you want to use. In any case, working with a designer can be a valuable way to select everything ahead of time. Otherwise, if you make decisions as we are in the middle of construction, it can delay the process.

#5 Buy appliances early

If you are having some unique appliances installed, it could take time for them to arrive. Order them at the beginning of the process to ensure there are no delays.

Call for a Kitchen Remodel Near New Orleans

Begin the process of remodeling your kitchen by planning for the best possible results. We can help you during all phases of the process so call today.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Add Charm to Your Bath Room Remodel Near New Orleans

Our office can help with a bathroom remodel near New Orleans. Call our office for tips or to schedule an in-home visit. We can add charm to your bathroom and transform it from a boring space into something truly spectacular. After all, a lot of time is spent in this small room and you should have a beautiful one.

Ways to Add Charm to Your Bathroom

When planning a bathroom remodel near New Orleans, we often look for ways to add a southern charm or New Orleans style. Here are just a few of the ways that we do so:

Black and white floors

Black and white tile floors scream New Orleans and your bathroom is an excellent location to place them. They will make a dramatic impact here and are out of the way if you don't want the flooring continued through the rest of your home. Remember that in small spaces you have the opportunity to add drama but keep it contained when it suits you.

Vintage hardware

We love the vintage style hardware. A lot of times it can be reclaimed from other homes in the area as people are demolishing or remodeling buildings. However, we can also look for replica vintage hardware that can add a touch of charm that will not be found in your neighbor's home.

Interesting lighting

Who says that bathroom lighting has to be boring? In our opinion, bathroom lighting should be extravagant and fun if you really want to make a statement. We can add a chandelier or vintage wall sconces that will provide the lighting you need and create a stunning effect every time someone opens the door.

Beautiful mirrors

Whatever you do, you must get rid of the solid wall of mirrors. This is incredibly dated and boring. Adding charm to your bathroom is simple when you apply interesting touches like mirrors with beautiful intricate artwork on the side or incorporating anything from gold flecks to platinum circles. There are so many options, you can go crazy when selecting a fun mirror.

Plenty of storage

A bathroom without storage is not going to be charming. It is going to be cluttered. You need to have built-in storage but it doesn't have to look like a boring box. We can evaluate your space and then make suggestions for how to incorporate storage that will continue to look charming but keep the mess and the extra toilet paper out of sight.

Stunning sinks and vanities

Instead of having a vanity sink combination straight out of the 1980s or 90s, select something interesting. The vanity itself can be a statement piece with intricate woodwork. You can have a sink that rests on top of the vanity, rather than one that is built-in, and this will provide for more artistic options.

Schedule an Appointment

There are so many options available to you for a bathroom remodel near New Orleans. We can give you a plethora of ideas when visiting your home, getting a feel for your taste and measuring the space. Bathroom remodels are fun, so get started today!

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Bath Room Remodel Ideas for Small Bathrooms

bathroom remodelA bathroom remodel can add value to your home and make it more comfortable to use on a daily basis. After all, people will spend more time in the bathroom than they realize. The larger a family is, the truer that will be. Thus, your bathroom needs to do double and sometimes triple duty. But what if your bathroom is super small? What options do you have then? More than you might imagine actually. Here are some of our ideas:

Use Wall Space Wisely

When you are dealing with a small space, the amount of square footage you have is incredibly limited. Instead of spreading things out like some people might consider how you can wisely use your wall space. For example, in the small bathroom, you may want to mount your toilet paper roll on the wall, instead of using a stand on the ground.

Instead of filling your wall space with knickknacks or even paintings, hang things that are either functional or will make the room appear larger. For example, a large mirror is a reflective surface that allows for more light and makes the area feel more expansive. Likewise, installing a mirrored medicine cabinet will provide you with storage and a reflective surface at the same time.

Install Built-Ins

Installing built-in shelving in your bathroom is smart regardless of how big it is. The difference is that small spaces require the shelving to have limited depth. However, think about what you actually need to store in your bathroom and you will see that you really do not need deep shelves for most of those things.

Hand towels, wash cloths, soap, makeup, and shampoo are all naturally very narrow anyway. Installing deep shelving is a waste when it comes to these particular items. The only difference is your large bath towels will need to be rolled instead of folded.

Switch to a Pedestal Sink

After installing the built-in storage, there is no need for a vanity underneath the sink. Switching to a pedestal sink as part of your bathroom remodel will give you more floor space and make your small bathroom appear to be open. Plus, they look incredibly nice from a design perspective, making it an all-around win. As an alternative to pedestal sinks, you can get a farmhouse-style one that has two legs. A farmhouse-style sink allows you to put baskets underneath for storing things while still creating an open and airy feel.

Purchase a Narrower Toilet

Consider the size of the family to determine whether or not you truly need a larger toilet. The size of the toilet may not be a problem for most people. However, by purchasing a toilet that is more in line with what your needs are, you can effectively save space while helping people remain comfortable.

Install a Custom Tile Shower

If you want to add a shower but do not feel that you have enough room, we can look at your space to determine if a custom tile shower will fit. With a tile shower, we can make it in any dimension. Thus, there are possibilities outside of what you would require with a pre-made shower stall.

Get more ideas for your bathroom remodel by calling and scheduling an in-home consultation.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Granite Countertops for Your Kitchen Remodel: Why We Love Them!

Granite CountertopsIf you want to install granite countertops for your kitchen remodel, give us a call. Both beautiful and durable, granite is a popular material that stands the test of time. We can use granite for your standard kitchen counters and carry it throughout your kitchen in order to create more counter space beyond the usual areas. For example, many people take this opportunity to make a butler's pantry right outside of their kitchen by incorporating the same granite materials in a small hallway.

Others will take the same granite and use it to create a desk inside the kitchen that acts as a surface for homework, paying the bills, or sitting and relaxing while waiting for dinner. Depending on the size of your kitchen, you may also want to incorporate granite into the middle of the room by using it to create a lovely island. These are all things that we can help you with. We can also make recommendations for possible ways to utilize granite when you call and schedule an in-home consultation.

Benefits of Granite

When you compare granite countertops for your kitchen remodel with the alternatives, granite tends to stand head and shoulders above the rest. Here is why:

  • Variety. Since granite occurs naturally, you can select from numerous styles, shades, colors and pattern combinations. Granite is a truly incredible option for anyone that wants to add a unique touch to their kitchen. Since a lot of people are not interested in having counters that look the same as their neighbor's or best friend's, granite can be an excellent solution to consider. After all, you may select a piece of granite that looks like nothing you have ever seen and will not appear in anyone else's home.
  • Durability. One of the best things about granite is its durability. It is unlikely that your granite will crack or chip even after years of use. Your granite can stand up to the daily abuse that your family dishes out, even if that involves chopping the occasional vegetable on your counter. While not recommended, it is nice to know that you can have a material in place that will stand up to even careless or busy decisions made by prep cooks.
  • Easy to Clean. Granite is not as likely to soak in stains and dirt as some other counter materials. This means that it is far easier to clean and to look good no matter what. This is good news for any busy families that might not have as much time to clean as they prefer.
  • Price. Granite is certainly not cheap and when you compare it to other solutions like laminate, it will definitely cost you more. However, it is also less money than something like marble. This makes it an affordable and glamorous solution when you are on a budget.

Schedule An In-Home Consultation

For ideas, tips, or suggestions on how to use granite countertops in your kitchen remodel, call our office and schedule a consultation.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Custom Cabinets: A Worthwhile Trend

Custom CabinetsGetting custom cabinets  for your kitchen has become a growing trend among people who are realizing that the kitchen is arguably the most important room in their home. Over the past decades, homeowners have been using the kitchen as a multi-purpose room where they not only cook, meet with the family but also socialize and show off the elegance of the house. One key to a successful kitchen design is to have custom cabinets.

Many homeowners love having custom cabinets for the kitchen, which add a sense of sophistication, allowing people to customize the overall look and feel of their kitchen.  Unfortunately, there are also many misconceptions when it comes to getting custom cabinets for a kitchen. If you are considering a kitchen remodel, or simply want to replace your existing cabinets with custom cabinets, give us a call. In the first phone call, we can provide a real-time estimate of the cost, the necessary time for installation, and work to discover the design for your custom kitchen.

One of the most popular myths when it comes to custom cabinets for your kitchen is that you can buy custom cabinetry for a partial kitchen remodel. While many homeowners would love to simply tear out the existing kitchen and put in a full new remodel, not all people can afford to do this.  This has led to many people looking for customized solutions and wanting to get custom cabinets put into a partial kitchen remodel. If you were getting all of your cabinets replaced this is truly an option.

However, it is a misconception to believe that custom cabinets can be mixed and matched in a partial remodel. In other words, it is extremely complicated to get a custom cabinet installed when you already have existing cabinets that you want to keep. This creates design problems, quality problems, and will ultimately not give you the cohesive feel that you want from the custom cabinets in your kitchen.

Another myth that is popular among homeowners looking to do a kitchen remodel without spending a lot of money on a complete remodel is that they can simply resurface the cabinets and achieve the same look as custom cabinets. The reality is that while there is great advertising out there for cabinet refacing, cabinet refacing will not give you the same look as custom cabinets. Why is that the case? This is because over time your cabinets are going to warp and the hinge alignments are going to be off.

In addition, resurfacing does not address the interior of the cabinets and there's usually a problem trying to get an exact match in the coloring of your cabinets.  The result is often a disappointing mismatch of kitchen cabinets that look like exactly what they are, resurfaced or refinished cabinets that do not have the cohesive and complete aspect of a custom cabinet job. You are far better off spreading your budget over time, and getting the beautiful custom cabinets you always wanted in the first place.

Learn more about custom cabinets and how they can improve your kitchen by calling our office.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Myths Surrounding a Classic Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen RemodelKitchen remodels can be some of the most intense, and important, projects that people will ever undertake in a home. The kitchen is very often the central place in the home, where people eat and socialize together. As a result, it is very important to make sure that you have the perfect style in your kitchen when you are undertaking a kitchen remodel. Often times people get caught up in all the things that they want in the kitchen remodel and fail to take into account factors such as the amount of space, budget, lighting, or other limitations that are so critical in any remodel.

If you are planning a kitchen remodel, the best option is to speak with a professional who can guide you on the many facets of the remodel and ensure that you take the best advantage of the kitchen's existing features. In addition, having someone work with you on the design can help you to avoid traps that many people fall into and stay away from many misconceptions that could be both costly and lead to delays. Here are a few of the more common myths that find their way into the mix when it comes to a kitchen model.

One of the most common mistakes that people make is believing the myth that they have to create a perfect kitchen by following the current trends precisely. The reality is that when you are having a kitchen remodel done you need to go with more classic lines because the classics never go out of style. While there are many trends, they never last forever. What this means is that the style that was in vogue today may not be in vogue tomorrow, and if you follow these trends precisely you will find that your kitchen is out of style very quickly.

Another mistake that people make, when doing a kitchen remodel, is to believe that they can do it piecemeal. Too many homeowners start a project, believing that they can keep working on it over time and as funds become available. Good intentions never really come to fruition for many of the homeowners that start a kitchen remodel, with the intent of a piecemeal finish. Instead, many times folks find themselves with a variety of styles and mismatched collections that make the kitchen look even worse than it was before the remodel was started. A kitchen remodel has certain elements that are necessary, and so you should speak with a kitchen remodel professional who can guide you on the best place to begin, and also give you the ability to budget properly.

The final myth that often takes hold, when it comes to a kitchen remodel, is the idea that people can do some or all of the remodel themselves. It is always better to get a professional to do the kitchen remodel since it is one of the most important rooms of your house. It takes more than a basic knowledge of how to do remodeling to create the perfect kitchen, so you should have us come in and give you an estimate on what it would cost to give you a dream kitchen.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Things to Consider When Evaluating Granite Countertops

granite countertopsGranite countertops are all the rage on home remodeling shows, as well as do-it-yourself magazines. This is because they have a certain appeal and also work to help make your home more valuable. Granite countertops add additional beauty to your entire home, not just the kitchen or bathroom space where they have been placed.

For anybody considering a remodel of their house, the kitchen will get a great deal of attention. This is because the kitchen is often considered to be the heart of the home, the place where you will spend a large amount of time together, and definitely a space in which you want to be able to entertain. As a result, granite countertops find themselves front and center in the decor and decoration of the home. Sometimes, however, people wonder if granite countertops are really worth all the hype? After all, they tend to be very earthy in tone, costly, and require the use of experts to install them. Here are two ways to help you and decide if granite countertops are the perfect fit for your home.

#1 Visual Appeal 

One of the most important things to remember about granite countertops is that they have a certain decor value and visual appeal. The minute you install granite countertops, you are adding value to your home. You're also working to make it more appealing, and there will be an additional sense of sophistication. If you plan to sell your house at some point in the future, the appeal of granite countertops will have exceptional value and could peak potential home buyers' interest. Granite provides a sense of elegance and luxury to your kitchen and bathroom, which can be a major selling point down the road. The bottom line is that granite countertops add value, both now and if you plan on selling in the future.

#2 Durability 

There is another factor you need to take into consideration when considering if you want to install granite countertops. Not only are they better looking and have more appeal, but they also provide you with extended durability. Granite countertops are stronger and harder than virtually any other material used to make countertops today. For homeowners, the durability that granite provides gives you a surface that you can use for years to come. In fact, most granite countertops will outlast the house, which means you will never need to replace them. Most traditional laminate counters will need to be replaced or have rings and scratches become apparent. Granite countertops, on the other hand, are designed to last a lifetime. From an aesthetic, durability, value-added, and "never needing to replace them" standpoint, granite countertops are by far the most elegant, visually appealing, and efficient way to give yourself countertops that will last a lifetime.

Schedule an Appointment

To discuss the many benefits of granite or to go over alternative options, call and schedule an appointment. We can visit your home, discuss design ideas and make recommendations as to the best ways for turning your vision into a reality.

Friday, September 2, 2016

Kitchen Cabinet Installation vs. Refinishing Your Cabinets Yourself

Kitchen Cabinet InstallationA kitchen cabinet installation can be one of the most significant aspects of your kitchen remodel. Most people spend a vast amount of time considering what they want to do with the kitchen counters and the floors. However, your kitchen cabinets also play an essential part in the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen. Here is a good way to think about it. Anytime you reach for anything in your kitchen that is out of sight and out of mind, you are going to need to reach into the kitchen cabinet. You want to make sure that your kitchen cabinet installation is extremely functional so that you can get to the things you need to get to with the least amount of effort possible. By the same token, your kitchen cabinets occupy a place where they have the largest amount of painted, finished, or stained surface in the entire kitchen. How you decide to do your kitchen cabinets, during your kitchen cabinet installation, can directly impact how your kitchen looks and feels.  If we haven't gotten your attention by now, you should walk into your kitchen and realize what an impact your kitchen cabinets have on how you react to the space.

Very often, when people are going through a renovation, they pause when it comes to replacing the kitchen cabinets. This is because there are too many do-it-yourself shows out there that have people believing that they could actually refinish the kitchen cabinets without any problem. It is important to point out that if you're going to refinish your kitchen cabinets you're going to need the  expertise that is usually reserved for carpenters and contractors. However, if you decide to give it a try, you should know that is a long and tedious job and could end up completely botching your kitchen remodel. It is highly advisable, in the event that you want to resurface your kitchen cabinets, that you speak with an expert who knows exactly what it's going to entail to make sure that your kitchen cabinets look exactly like the rest of the kitchen.

If, however, you decided on a kitchen cabinet installation you are going to get brand new kitchen cabinets that are specifically designed to fit in with the rest of your kitchen. This also allows you to customize a kitchen cabinet installation so that you get the space, functionality, and aesthetic value that you so desire. There are literally no limitations, other than space and how the cabinets can fit into the space, when it comes to getting a brand new kitchen cabinet installation. In fact, we will be able to put on those fine finishing touches that make it exactly the way you want it to be. The truth remains, that no matter how well you refinish your kitchen cabinets, they are never going to be the same as a brand new kitchen cabinet installation. When you get brand new kitchen cabinets you're also getting a brand new internal surface upon which your dishes and food are going to sit.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Wood Cabinets Make a Kitchen Design: Here's How to Utilize Them

wood cabinetsThe wood cabinets in your kitchen form the backbone of the entire design. When you are looking to remodel your kitchen you need to configure the cabinets in order to make the most use of your kitchen size and its layout. You also want to make sure that you can maximize the use of your wood cabinets. Wood cabinets in your kitchen serve a dual purpose.  Their first purpose is to do what cabinets are supposed to do, and that is to store stuff out of sight. The second role of wood cabinets in your kitchen is to provide an aesthetic lift.  Other than your countertops, your wood cabinets are going to be the most expansive feature in your kitchen.  As such, when you are designing your wood cabinets you need to keep in mind the layout and look that you want, select the right type of materials, and ensure that it goes with the overall feel and design that you are trying to achieve. The best way to get the cabinets that will meet your dream kitchen requirements is to work with a professional designer who can lay all of the options out for you so that you can make an educated decision as to what kind of wood cabinets you need in your kitchen.

It is important to remember that wood cabinets in your kitchen primarily have a function to fulfill. With this in mind, you need to choose a style of wood cabinets that are going to fit all of your belongings, provide you with the right amount of space, and still give you the look that you desire. Currently, European-style frameless wood cabinets are extremely popular. This is because these European-style wood cabinets afford more storage than the traditional rail-style cabinets that have often been found in U.S. kitchens.

Since we are talking about the function of cabinets, it is important to note that many cabinets are now coming with soft-close drawers and doors. If you are interested in this, you should ask about the cost of having soft-close drawers and doors because sometimes it is an add-on cost with certain models of wood cabinets. For even more sophistication, you can go with touchless cabinets which are currently considered a luxury item, but experts believe will eventually move into the mainstream. This is a great application and very convenient for waste or recycling drawers.

Added Features

There are some features you should consider adding to the cabinets in your kitchen, which will increase function their functionality. For example, in order to counter the dead space in the far back corner of your cabinets, you can request a pie-cut corner base cabinet that pulls out and utilizes the space or has an old-fashioned Lazy Susan installed. A Lazy Susan spins around and brings stored items from the back to the front of the wood cabinets. Similarly, you should consider getting fully adjustable door hardware which allows us to adjust the doors so that the gap between them is uniform. Additionally, we can hide any of the under-cabinet lighting features that you may want to be installed.

To discuss your new kitchen design, give us a call.

Monday, August 1, 2016

Bath Room Remodel: An Adventurous Undertaking

bath room remodelA bath room remodel is one of the most adventurous, and most exciting, undertakings that you can take in your home. It is right up there rivaling a kitchen remodel in terms of excitement and the creative process. However, it comes with a lot of responsibility and pressure to make an informed decision as you realize that you need to determine what the right design is for your lifestyle, how to stay well within your budget, and ensuring that you maximize the return on any investment you are going to make.  When it comes to a bath room remodel, whether the remodel is a large remodel or a small remodel, it should  always be carefully and thoughtfully planned with the functionality of multiple users in mind. The bath room you want to create needs to be a beautiful, spacious, space efficient, and functional space.  One of the best things you can do if you are planning a bath room remodel is to hire a professional contractor to look at the plans, go over to the designs, and give you an estimate so that you know that you have a professional doing the job for you. There are also some common blunders that you should be on the look out for which will help make your project smooth and seamless leaving you with a beautiful bath room remodel.

One of the most common mistakes that people make when they are getting a bath room remodel done is believing in the concept that bigger is always better. The reality is bigger isn't always better, better is better. It is a common misconception that you are required to have an exceptionally large bath room service area. Regardless of whether you are designing a large master bath room in your dream home or just trying to figure out a way to squeeze an extra bath room into your family home, it is important to take into consideration the size of the bath room, the functionality it serves, and efficiently plan out the size of the utilities. That amazingly large tub could look beautiful on the showroom floor, but it could also reduce the space and footprint of your bath room so significantly that the bath room could appear cramped and tight, reducing your enjoyment of the space.  A bath room remodel, it is important to remember, is as much about functionality and spaciousness as it is about aesthetics.

Two important considerations that you that you need to think about when designing your bath room remodel are the view in and the view out.  When it comes to the view out, you should always remember that nobody wants to be in a dark, dank bath room with bad circulation. The bath room needs to be a bright and airy space and so you need to make sure that you place your bath room on an outside wall where you can easily put in windows. If windows are not an option, you should consider  installing skylights which will give you the same fresh air and natural light that will make the space feel more relaxing. With regard to a view in, when you are doing a bath room remodel you need to make sure that the bath room is located in a way that it does not offer a direct view in from the home's public rooms.  Public rooms include kitchens, living rooms, and dining rooms.  Essentially it is important to remember that a bath room is a private space, and so you should make sure that it does not have a clear view of these public spaces.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Hiring a Kitchen Contractor Can Make Your Remodel Easier

Kitchen ContractorHiring a kitchen contractor can make your life extremely easy, especially if you are planning a large or full remodel of your kitchen. The kitchen is one of those places in the house that gets the maximum amount of use. We cook our meals here, we entertain here, many conversations happen around a kitchen counter, and it is one of the places you do not want to be without for a long-lasting project. It is possible for many people who have a do-it-yourself bone to remodel a kitchen slowly and with the right tools. However, if you want the job done right and to make sure your kitchen looks and feels like the oasis you wish it to be, then you need to have the services of a professional kitchen contractor give you this effect. Having a kitchen contractor provides safety and peace of mind that the job will be done right and will look perfect when complete. In addition to providing you with the end result you have been dreaming of, a kitchen contractor is also responsible for managing the efforts of the subcontractors who will be doing much of the work.

We Can Make Your Project Easier

Every kitchen remodel can be broken down into a series of smaller projects that would typically be undertaken by the contractor directly or by subcontractors, who are experts in the area they are working in. A kitchen contractor will look at the kitchen from the perspective of needing to ensure that your cabinets, countertops, sinks and faucets, floors, and finishing touches are placed before the kitchen is ready to be viewed. In addition to this, as a kitchen contractor, we want to coordinate the placement, installation, and appearance of your appliances. How everything flows together is very important for the design and therefore, the look of your finished kitchen. Every element has to work together, which is why we collaborate with some of the best professional subcontractors to ensure that your cabinets, counter-tops, floors, and everything else in the kitchen match each other perfectly.

In making sure that you get the best quality of work, matching designs, and all of this done within the budget and timeframe you specified, having a kitchen contractor makes the most sense. For example, when it comes to cabinetry, there are endless choices of kitchen cabinets you can go with. You can choose to refinish or resurface the entire range of kitchen cabinets, replace them with a more modern design, or completely remove some sections of cabinets and build a different style in a different location. All of this takes planning, coordination, and matching it with the rest of your design. When it comes to things like countertops, you want to make sure the subcontractors do the installation perfectly, that the counter looks beautiful, and that the utility is exactly what you need. All of this can be accomplished by having a kitchen contractor oversee the project. Using our professional experience to make sure you do not have the hassle or added expense of dealing with something less than perfect is just part of the job when it comes to a professional kitchen contractor.

Call for Help with Your Project

As a kitchen contractor, we can make your remodel easier and ensure that it exceeds your expectations. Call for your estimate.

Friday, July 1, 2016

Get Help Selecting the Right Counters for Your Kitchen Remodel

kitchen remodelOne of the most common complaints about a kitchen remodel is that people don't know where to start. If you have lived in a kitchen for a very long time or moved into a house that has an older outdated kitchen, you probably want to replace it. Despite this desire, replacing the entire kitchen can seem like a daunting task even if you have a kitchen contractor to work with.

A kitchen remodel, like many jobs in your house is an area where you are going to have to suffer through a lot of inconvenience in order to get the look and feel that you want. However, at the end of the kitchen remodel you're going to have a kitchen that you are proud of, can entertain in, and that gives you the space and functionality that you so desire.  Sometimes, the easiest place to start a kitchen remodel is to decide what kind of counter you want to have. The counter is going to be the main focus of your kitchen just by virtue of the fact that it is the largest surface in the entire kitchen. If you have a kitchen island, the island surface will often match or contrast with your counter which is why choosing the counter is a great place to begin the process of a full kitchen remodel.

Select the Right Counters for Your Kitchen Remodel

As you are getting into your kitchen remodel you're going to need to select a countertop that meets both your budget and the look you're going for. There are many different types of countertops to choose from, so the color and style of counter you choose could have a significant impact on the overall kitchen remodel in terms of color schemes and the design itself.  People usually have either a color scheme in mind and then need to match the counter to work with the color scheme, or pick a counter top that they really loved and then select a color scheme from the counter top itself.  In either one of these scenarios the counter top plays a key role in the layout, the type of flooring, and many other aspects of the kitchen remodel. With so many different options to choose from, you need to select your counter tops carefully so that they fit what you're going to use them for, the look you're going for, and the budget that you have for your kitchen remodel. Often, working with a kitchen remodel contractor is the best way to go about finding, selecting, and having the best counter tops installed.

In the process of getting your kitchen remodeled, you can select from a variety of counter tops. The most frequently used countertops include:

  • Granite counter tops
  • Quartz counter tops
  • Laminate counter tops
  • Concrete counter tops
  • Recycled glass countertops
  • Butcher block counter tops
  • Marble counter tops
  • Solid surface counter tops
  • Tile counter tops
  • Eco-friendly countertops
  • Lava counter tops
  • Resin countertops
  • Reclaimed wood countertops
  • Stainless steel counter tops
  • Porcelain countertops

We can help you to make decisions regarding the design and functionality of your remodel.  We can then bring your dreams to life. Call today to get started.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Getting a Timeless Bath Remodel

Bath Remodel
Deciding to have a bath remodel accomplished is an exciting experience. You will have the opportunity to create your own perfect space that will serve you well for years to come. Moving into a home or building your own presents an opportunity to completely renovate every room in the house. However, even if you have lived in your current house for a few decades, it is never too late to consider remodeling. Out of all the rooms in a home, the bathrooms and kitchen are typically the most trafficked, yet somehow the bathrooms always get put on the back burner when it comes to updates.

When you decide to have a bath remodel performed by a professional, you will have a chance to consider how you would like every facet of your bathroom to be built. Typically, we encourage clients to focus on a few main categories: storage, color schemes, and quality materials. Details like decorations and bath rugs can always be changed in a pinch.


Many people find themselves sticking extra towels and toiletries in any nook they can find because few think about storage as they plan a building project. This leaves countertops cluttered and dirty. Having proper storage in a bathroom is essential. We can help you design custom cabinets to create an attractive and functional vanity large enough to house all the necessities, plus extra cleaners, toilet paper, and towels. If you do not have enough floor space, high, wall-mounted cabinets are another option. If you have a bathroom that is already hard for only one person to navigate, you may need to consider space-saver storage options like built-in shelving that recesses into the wall. No matter what option you choose for storage, we can help you plan your bath remodel in a way that attractively accentuates what space you have.

Color Scheme

Many people choose whatever color comes to mind first for the walls in a bathroom, thinking that it will be easy to repaint whenever they change their mind. Then the fast pace of life quickly catches up with them, resulting in persistent annoyance with their current color scheme. While thinking about repainting is easy, few people actually ever get around to it. It may seem like a minor detail, but it is important to put adequate thought into choosing a color scheme for your bath remodel so you can fully enjoy it for years to come.

Quality Materials

Custom cabinets, sophisticated countertops, and attractive plumbing are a must for any bath remodel. If you do not plan to remodel for another 30 years, high-quality materials will provide you with a timeless bathroom that may not ever need another remodeling. When you invest in quality materials, you invest in the value of your home. If you ever decide to sell, small details like mosaic back splashes and luxuriously simple wainscoting or beadboard features tend to be attractive additions for home buyers.

When you consider storage, color scheme, and quality materials as you plan your bath remodel, you can’t go wrong. We can help you think of all the minor details and create a quality bath space that you will thoroughly enjoy for years.

When you consider storage, color scheme, and quality materials as you plan your bath remodel, you can’t go wrong. We can help you think of all the minor details and create a quality bath space that you will thoroughly enjoy for years.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Custom Cabinets Are a Home Chef's Dream

Custom Cabinets
If you are ready to turn your kitchen into a chef’s paradise, it is time to consider installing custom cabinets. Many people are getting hooked on cooking. If you are one of them and can’t stop watching the Cooking Channel or you look up recipes non-stop on your phone, then it is time for a kitchen remodel. Adventures in cooking can absolutely be fantastic, especially if you like to spend your mornings rolling out dough for a quiche or frying up hot sausage for brunch while thinking about how you’re going to make scratch pasta. However, the more creative and intense you are as a cook, the more cabinet space and counter space you will need.  We can give it to you by installing beautiful and unique custom cabinets.  This will provide you with the flexibility you need to take your cooking to a new level.

You Need Room to Spread Out

Things like making homemade pasta require a large workspace, and if you use a pasta machine, you will need a cabinet to store it in. Simultaneously, if you are into making homemade bread, cakes, and pies, you will need an industrial-size mixer and that will require storage as well. For the average cook, a few pans and mixing bowls may suffice, but for the homemade expert, there are specific tools you will need for each job. Fortunately, all of your tools can have a home if you remodel your kitchen with custom cabinets.

Your Custom Cabinets Can Include Storage for:
  • Baking supplies. Any baker knows that you cannot have only one type of flour and sugar. You need pastry flour, all-purpose, bread flour, and even specialty flour like coconut for certain cakes and cookies. This requires far more storage space than a traditional cook would use.
  • Unique cooking tools. If you are experimenting with making certain dishes or even doing things like making your own sausage, spices, and pasta, you will probably use additional tools that few other cooks do. If so, you will need significantly more cabinet storage and we can create room for each item while fulfilling your plan.
  • If you do not have a set pantry in your home, we can give you one with custom cabinetry. This will give you plenty of space to store all your daily food and your unique ingredients.
It is important to work with a professional who can help you create a plan for how to design your kitchen. When it comes to ordering custom cabinets, there can be a space for every single item you use on a daily basis and those you only use once a year. The key is to create a customized plan that allows for the specific dimensions you need to store everything properly. This way, you can store with ease rather than having to force large objects into small spaces or ending up with a great deal of wasted space. We can help you design your dream kitchen, so call today for a consultation and begin living a home chef’s dream.

Monday, May 16, 2016

A General Contractor Can Give You a New Bathroom

General Contractor
As a general contractor, we understand how critical bathrooms can be to the functionality of a home. While this is a room that does not get a lot of attention, and most people don't spend time talking about, your bathroom is one of the hardest-working rooms in your house. If you have a large family and only a couple of bathrooms, this room is working double duty and is probably very rarely empty. With the amount of people needing to brush their teeth, take a shower, get ready for school or work, and use the restroom, your bathroom never stops doing its job. But what if your bathroom is simply too small for all of the demands that are placed on it? What if your bathroom is too crowded or simply too outdated? In this scenario, it is highly likely that your family is undergoing undue stress due to the inefficiency of your bathroom.  The good news is that we can remodel your bathroom, expand it, and even give you a new one so that your family can get ready in style.

Remodel Your Bathroom to Increase the Efficiency of It

If you do not have the budget or the space to do an extension, it is possible for you to remodel your bathroom and to make it more efficient in the process. When we visit your home we will look at your space, discuss what your needs are, take measurements, and come up with solutions. We are solutions-oriented and as a general contractor, there is nothing that we cannot do.

Some of the easy ways that we can improve the efficiency of your space is to replace a single sink and vanity with a dual sink vanity combination. While you may be losing a little bit of counter space, you will be gaining the ability to have multiple people brush their teeth or get ready at the same time. This alone can make the morning routine go much faster and more smoothly. Another way to improve the efficiency of your space is to rearrange everything. Sometimes, for example, there's enough space for us to make a toilet closet. By placing the toilet into its own little room you can have someone going to the restroom in privacy while someone else is doing their hair or brush their teeth without them ever physically being in the same place - this may not require an extension.  In some cases making your bathroom more efficient is as simple as updating everything and adding more storage solutions. Regardless of what is required, we can help to create a plan that is going to make your life easier.

A General Contractor Can Complete an Addition

If you have the space to add on to your home we encourage you to do so. We can give you a new master bathroom or guest bathroom that will make your morning and evening routine much easier. The additional space can really alleviate a lot of stress and complications that can come from juggling schedules.

If you want to learn about the options available for your bathroom call our office to speak with a general contractor today.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Add Southern Charm with Kitchen Remodeling in New Orleans

Kitchen Remodeling in New Orleans
Homeowners trust us for kitchen remodeling in New Orleans because we are focused on quality and high-design. We believe that the services we provide are more than that of a contractor. I understand that the kitchen is often the heart of your home and as such, you should love being in yours and using it. When we speak with a homeowner about the design that they want for their space we incorporate functionality items that make it easier to access what you need when you need it, make it easier to clean up after the job is done, and turn your kitchen into an all-purpose space or the kitchen of your chef's dreams. Regardless of what you need in your kitchen, we have the creative design ideas that can turn it into a truly beautiful space and one that is full of southern charm.

Ways to Add Southern Charm to Your Kitchen Remodeling in New Orleans

#1 Add Beadboard

We can add white beadboard to your ceiling and your exposed walls to give it southern charm that is reminiscent of a Mark Twain cottage. Entirely Southern and entirely charming, beadboard can transform your space and give it historic character and charm at the same time.

#2 Install a Ceiling Fan

Warm spring and fall weather and hot summers have made ceiling fans a fixture in the south. While air conditioning has made it unnecessary to have ceiling fans, if you are someone that likes the cool breeze that comes from a fan rather than the crisp breeze from an air conditioner, a ceiling fan is still going to bring you enjoyment. Additionally, it will add southern historic charm to your space well helping to push away the smells from dinner.

#3 Try Black and White

Give your kitchen some Big Easy sophistication with a black and white decor. This is an easy way to add southern charm to your kitchen that is simultaneously sophisticated and dramatic. When paired with natural wood tones your space can look as though it has been around for a hundred years while still entirely modern and sophisticated.

#4 Merge With the Outdoors

It wouldn't be New Orleans without outdoor dining. We can incorporate indoor-outdoor spaces into your home that make it easy for you to seamlessly move guests between the exterior and interior of your property. We have found that by simply opening up the kitchen it can turn your indoor space into one that serves your needs all year around regardless of whether your guests are dining in or out. Simple touches like windows that open up like an accordion can make an outdoor bar easily accessible by the chef.

#5 Add French Touches

There are certain ways that you can decorate your kitchen to bring touches of the old country. For example, we can add fleur de lys patterns to your backsplash. We can also add black and white tile floors which can create a dramatic look. However, if you prefer to go French country, we can certainly incorporate exposed brick that looks aged while incorporating things like butcher block countertops and distressed cabinetry that makes it appear as though you are cooking in an old French chateau. You can even get creative by turn old wine barrels into stools or bistro tables. These simple touches go a long way in adding New Orleans and southern charm to your kitchen space.

Call us for kitchen remodeling in New Orleans today!

We will be happy to help you create your dream kitchen.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Go From Retro to Glam With Our Kitchen Cabinet Installation Services

Kitchen Cabinet Installation
You know that you need kitchen cabinet installation when your cabinets have a 1970s retro vibe — in a bad way. Ugly brown cabinets that are hung too low and have very little depth seemed to have plagued the 1970s and are still in many homes today. While they were built to last, their functionality and aesthetics are more than lacking. We have gotten calls from many homeowners who simply can no longer take having to stack cereal boxes sideways or keep syrup on the counter because none of the cabinets are tall enough to fit them. This is on top of the serious inconveniences caused by not having enough storage for pots, pans, or virtually anything. Since the cabinets from this decade happened to be incredibly shallow and short, they really don’t work for modern families. The good news is that you can kiss the 70s goodbye by having us remodel your kitchen and install functional kitchen cabinets.

Signs Your Kitchen Is a Little Too Retro

#1 - Your Lazy Susan is masquerading as a pantry.

If you have a tiny corner cabinet pretending to be a pantry, it is time for a remodel. These Lazy Susans take up too much space, and the older ones don’t fit much at all, certainly not enough for the modern family.

#2 - You can’t see under your cabinets.

The lack of visibility is fairly common in retro kitchens. While they may have been designed for your four-foot grandma, if you are taller or your spouse is, the low hanging cabinets are likely causing more frustration than they are worth.

#3 - Your cabinet liners are orange and brown flowers.

Perhaps these were changed when you bought the house, but if your cabinet liners look like they took a page from That 70s Show, it is clearly time to schedule a new kitchen cabinet installation. As they say, out with the old and in with the new.

Why You Should Do This

It goes far beyond improving the aesthetics of your kitchen and home (although replacing your cabinets will certainly do so). If you are like most families, you live in your kitchen. Cooking is not an optional activity. It is something you must do a minimum of twice per day and sometimes all day if you have young children. Between cooking, cleaning, making snacks, doing homework, and finally grabbing your cup of evening tea, there is a good chance that you spend hours every day in this room of your home. You might as well enjoy it. Part of that enjoyment comes from the ability to easily access what you need when you are cooking, from everything having a set place in a neat and organized fashion to enjoying what you see and touch. We can make all of this possible for you, plus there are many modern features like internal organization, electrical outlets, and more that can turn a standard kitchen cabinet installation project into something that will actually improve your life.

To learn more or to finally get rid of your old cabinets, give us a call.

Friday, April 1, 2016

Why Granite Countertops Are a Timeless Addition to Your Home

Granite Countertops
While granite countertops are not as trendy as they were a few years ago, they are still one of the best options available for kitchens, bathrooms, and any other regularly used rooms. Granite has many winning qualities, a few of which we have outlined below.

Granite Countertops Don’t Scratch and Are Heat Resistant

Granite is incredibly hard to scratch. This makes it an excellent choice for the kitchen. Occasional knife scrapes or even using your countertop as a cutting board will not affect granite to any extent, though it may dull your knives. You won’t have to worry about scratches ruining the look of your countertops, and you will never have to re-stain them because they are naturally colored. Granite is also impressively resistant to heat. When you are pulling pans out of the oven or moving pots off the stove, you won’t have to worry about slipping up and ruining your countertops by setting a hot pan on them. Granite can take the heat.

Granite Countertops Don’t Stain

No matter what color granite countertops you get, you won’t have to worry about them staining. With proper sealing, granite holds up to all brightly colored foods and drinks without a problem. Even if the sealant on your granite countertops was poorly done, most colors and patterns of granite are so intricate, stains will not be noticeable if they occur.

Granite Countertops Offer Many Design Choices

Since granite comes in a variety of colors and grains, you will be able to find the right granite for any color scheme, room design, or purpose. Granite comes in well over 20 shades. If you want your countertops to blend in and let your custom cabinets take center stage, granite works. If you would rather your countertops be the statement piece of your kitchen, granite is still an excellent choice. Even though granite countertops are very affordable, they look incredibly expensive and add a certain level of sophistication to any home. They are also timeless, so you won’t find yourself in need of picking out new counters just two years down the road.

Granite Countertops Are an Excellent Investment

If you are remodeling your kitchen, it is time to take it up a notch and add granite countertops. Due to its rich appearance, durable nature, and unique design, you will reap the benefits of investing in this countertop option if you ever decide to sell or rent out your home. Even if you never want to sell your house, granite countertops are still an excellent choice because they will wear gracefully over the years. Granite even stands up to the activities of children without a problem and will look beautiful for decades.

Thanks to the attractive qualities and low maintenance of granite countertops, they are found in many homes of people of all ages. Each slab of granite is naturally unique, meaning you will never find someone else with the same exact countertops as you. This beautiful material is one of our top recommendations for any home.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Our List of the Best Features to Include in Your Custom Cabinets

Custom Cabinets
The best part about getting custom cabinets is the ability to do whatever you want. With carpentry, the sky is the limit, so if you dream up an idea, tell us about it and we will make it happen. Beyond how amazing they look, the options for customization is what makes custom cabinets so much more functional than what you can buy at the local home improvement store. Here is our list of the best features to include in yours.

#1 - Pantry cabinets.

We can install cabinet drawers that open up from the top to provide immediate access to pantry items like potatoes and onions. You won’t need a bag to store them in because you just pour them in for perfect and immediate storage. By adding a clear glass front, you can always see what you have and when you need to head to the store.

#2 - Spice cabinet.

If you like to cook a lot, you are probably wrestling with your spices on a regular basis. By giving you a narrow slid-out cabinet with spice storage, you can instantly see and access all your spices.

#3 - Divided pan storage.

Instead of digging for the perfect size pan, you can easily sort and organize with divided cabinets. By simply placing dividers, your custom cabinets will always stay clean and make it easy for you to access pans, lids, and even pots.

#4 - Utensil storage.

Instead of using a plastic divider for your forks, knives, and spoons, we can build one into a drawer that is multiple levels. This gives you the ability to separate daily utensils from what you save for holidays and parties.

#5 - Pullout Lazy Susan.

Corner cabinets can be difficult to access and to clean. By giving you a Lazy Susan that you can actually pull out of the cupboard, you can always see what you are storing and easily access your canned goods, etc.

#6 - Built-in garbage and recycling.

Every kitchen should have a garbage and recycling bin hidden into the cabinetry. This keeps the garbage easily in reach but out of the way.

#7 - Utensil hanging.

If you do not like the appearance of your spatulas being on top of the counter, we can create a narrow cabinet that pulls out, with hooks for all your cooking utensils.

#8 - Built-in and removable baskets.

If you like the idea of being able to keep food in your cabinets but want to be able to clean that area, we can install removable baskets. They will slide into your cabinetry to blend in but can also be removed to rinse out. This makes it easy to store fruit, avocados, and veggies within easy reach.

#9 - Cutting board.

We can install a cutting board that slides into your cabinetry, but to increase the efficiency of your kitchen, we can cut a hole in it and build the garbage underneath. You can chop and toss without any additional effort.

#10 - Cookbook storage.

If you like to cook, why keep your books in the living room or library? We can create cookbook storage so they are always within easy reach.

To learn more about custom cabinets and how they can improve your life, call and schedule a consultation.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Granite Countertops vs. Marble and Laminate

Granite Countertops
If you are considering placing granite countertops in your home, you may be wondering how they compare with other materials. Granite is incredibly popular and has become the material of choice for many modern home buyers. Replacing both laminate and tile, you are more likely to find granite in new constructions now than in years past. Given the diversity of colors, styles, and design, it is no wonder that designers are also including them in remodels. Still, when you go to remodel your kitchen, you need to select a material that fits your needs, rather than just being a design trend. Here is what you need to know about granite and the comparable options.

Natural Materials

Both granite and marble are natural materials, unlike laminate. As something that is naturally occurring, there is a uniqueness to each slab. They are not manufactured in a lab to your or anyone’s exact specifications. This makes them incredibly interesting, and it can be fun to select your counters from a variety of options. However, if you need it to look an exact way, it could take some time to find the right counters, or you may need to temporarily put in laminate while you hunt for a slab of granite that you are absolutely in love with.


Granite countertops are the most durable when compared with marble and laminate. They are hardy and less likely to stain, chip, or crack than the other two. For the most part, granite is resistant to foods that are acidic as well. Marble can be made more durable with regular sealing. However, laminate is naturally prone to cracks and chips because of how thin it is. This is more likely to show on the corners or edges of the counters.


All three are fairly easy to clean, but they can also soak in the color of food or drinks that are placed on them. For this reason, you should clean them right away. Granite is the least likely to show stains, but you should still reseal it once every two years. Marble, on the other hand, need to be resealed twice every year. This makes the maintenance cost and time requirement much higher with marble.


When it comes to cost, nothing is as inexpensive a laminate and it looks it. If you want your counters to look high-end or custom, laminate is not a good solution, since it is all about function and not design. Marble, on the other hand, can look very glamorous, but it is the most expensive of the three. Given its ability to chip or become stained, this is a better option for bathroom counters that are smaller and receive less use. For your kitchen, we recommend granite countertops because while they cost far more than granite, the cost is worth it. Your kitchen will look amazing, and your counters will last for years to come while still looking incredible. They stand the test of time, which means less remodeling cost in the future.

To learn more about granite countertops or your options, call us today.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Why Hiring a General Contractor Is Better than Hiring Your Own Subcontractors

General Contractor
For many home or business owners, it’s tempting just to find your own subcontractors and leave a general contractor out of the picture. Many people believe this is easier, less expensive, and makes more sense. However, a general contractor has connections, expertise, and planning and organizational abilities that will become assets to your building project in the near future.


While general contractors specialize in running the show, hiring subcontractors, and getting the job completed from start to finish, subcontractors specialize in very specific areas like plumbing, masonry, framing, electricity, and even concrete work. You may think you know plenty of subcontractors to hire the right ones yourself, but we guarantee we will think of details you may not realize could come up later, and we know the best in the business who will complete a job the right way in a timely fashion. If you hire subcontractors on your own, you could get taken advantage of financially. We know who charges what for their work and who can provide you with a more accurate budget for your building project, so you never have to worry about “surprise” costs. Since we have been in the business so long, we know the best subcontractors who will be worth every penny you spend.

In addition to people connections, a general contractor is also responsible for providing all the equipment needed to build your project. If you hire subcontractors on your own, you may end up having to acquire special rentals or tools that you otherwise wouldn't have needed access to, so instead of spending more unnecessary money, let us handle it for you.


Most general contractors have built hundreds of homes, if not thousands. We understand challenges will occur, and we know how to handle any problem no matter what size. We are able to see the bigger picture when you are concerned about the details and become stressed about the little things. We can remind you that there is always a way to remedy a problem, and we know who to contact to provide a solution.

You will hire your general contractor while you are planning the building of your home or business, and we will help you come up with original ideas, budgeting strategies, building materials, and a finalized blueprint. From there, we will guide you and all the subcontractors to the finished product, keeping everyone on task and happy, so you don’t have to deal with begrudged, injured, or confused workers. Basically, a general contractor does all the dirty work, so you don’t have to.

Hiring a general contractor is always a better decision than hiring your own subcontractors for any building project, no matter how big or small it may be. Many people get in over their heads trying to handle projects like this without the tremendous help of a contractor. To schedule a time to meet to discuss your dream home, contact our office.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Bath Remodel
If you are getting ready to complete your bath remodel, there is a good chance you have been on Pinterest looking for ideas or browsing your favorite issues of Better Homes and Gardens. We have pictures we can show you as well, and enjoy being part of the creative process. When it comes to remodeling your home, the bathroom can be a great deal of fun, for while it is a small room, it also provides you with an incredible amount of flexibility. With your bathroom, you don’t have to worry about it matching or blending in with the other rooms in your home. You can go in any direction you like, and we can take you there.

Beyond the aesthetics of your bathroom, it needs to have a high level of functionality. These five lifestyle hacks can make your bathroom more efficient and organized.

#1 - Built-in wall storage.

Every bathroom needs this. If you are tired of having towels flooding out of the linen closet or need more storage for toilet paper and extra bottles of shampoo, built-in wall storage can tuck it all away neatly out of sight. This is ideal for both large and small spaces.

#2 - Hidden hamper.

If you are like most families, dirty clothes tend to pile up quickly, sometimes on the bathroom floor. When completing your bath remodel, we can install a hidden hamper under the kitchen sink. Just like your garbage can be hidden in the kitchen, so can your dirty clothes. With a removable and washable clothes bag, you can simply pull it out and throw everything in the wash before replacing it again. Tell the kids to throw their clothes in after a shower, and you will spend less time picking up.

#3 - Custom tile shower.

Your shower can be neat, organized, and even give you a place to sit down and shave your legs. We can give you a beautiful and functional custom tile shower when completing your bath remodel. While a high-end feature, this is also an incredibly convenient way to get clean.

#4 - Built-in television.

If you need to catch up on your morning news while getting ready, we can install a television. You can stay up-to-date without sacrificing your morning routine.

#5 - Heated floors.

Gone are the days of feeling cold after your shower when you have heated floors. They are comfortable, producing steady and consistent heat while making your routine more luxurious. If you are a family who turns the heat up to give the kids a bath, this is a simple solution to keep that room of your home warm and toasty.

There are so many ways to improve the functionality of your bathroom. We can provide you with suggestions and solutions after viewing your space and discussing what your family’s unique needs are. Our goal is to create a truly stunning, beautiful, and ideal space for your family to use on a daily basis.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Five Things to Consider Prior to Your Kitchen Cabinet Installation

Kitchen Cabinet Installation
When planning your kitchen cabinet installation, it is time to think about the details. Remodeling your kitchen can be exciting, especially when thinking about the colors and textures you want to use and the overall design concept. Given how frequently the kitchen is used, remodeling it can make a significant impact on the look and feel of your home.

Beyond the basic design concept, you should take the time to really think about how you use the kitchen, so your remodel will provide you with a space that is as functional as it is beautiful. Here are five things to consider prior to your remodel and kitchen cabinet installation.

#1 - Where do you want your appliances to go?

The layout of your kitchen should be set in stone before demolition and certainly prior to installing any of your cabinets. Your major appliances will need a set spot, including your refrigerator, dishwasher, and sink. You should also consider where you want your small appliances to go. Things like a toaster oven, microwave, coffee pot, toaster, etc. can all have a set place in your new kitchen design and do not have to be simply sitting on the counter. Instead, they could be built-in to your cabinet design (this is often the case with the microwave). We can even create appliance cupboards for things like your coffee pot. This way, they are hidden out of view and can remain in position and plugged in for convenience's sake.

#2 - Do you entertain?

If you like to host parties, let us know. We can design your kitchen cabinets to house the items you use on a daily basis and also to store your extra plates, cups, napkins, serving platters and anything else you use in the course of entertaining.

#3 - What do you use when cooking?

If there is a certain type of cuisine that you cook or certain types of cooking utensils you use on a regular basis, these things should be easy to access and easy to reach. For example, if you use your wok daily, there should be a place for it near the stovetop. If you use your kitchen to bake, you should have storage for all your baking utensils and supplies next to each other to make your baking preparations more convenient.

#4 - How many cooks are in your kitchen?

When cooking is a family affair, it is wise to design the space to allow for multiple people to participate. Your kitchen cabinet installation plays an important role in this because we can create multiple stations that have a cooking or prep surface while providing storage space for the tools that will be needed in that area. For example, a prep station should have access to cutting boards, mixing bowls, and knives.

#5 - What else do you use your kitchen for?

We can install things like a built-in desk or place charging outlets alongside your cabinets so you can watch your favorite cooking shows on your iPad while making tomorrow's dinner. The possibilities are endless.

To get ideas for your kitchen cabinet installation, call our office today.

Friday, January 1, 2016

Tips for Picking Out Wood Cabinets

Wood Cabinets
Our wood cabinets are made from select hardwoods that will last a lifetime. If you are remodeling or building a kitchen or multipurpose room in your home, there will come a time when you must pick out what type of wood cabinets you would prefer. We recommend only choosing cabinets of the highest quality materials that will perform well and look classy for years to come. Some of the categories you should take into consideration during your decision process are hardness, grain, and color.


The hardness of your wood cabinets is important, because when you invest in an attractive, long-lasting wood option, you want it to withstand the damage from daily use, children, and even moving appliances around. While Brazilian walnut wood is the hardest you can find; the commonly used white pine is the softest. You will want to consider how trafficked your kitchen is when you determine the hardness of your wood cabinets. The hardest wood option may not be necessary for your uses, but you could instead choose a wood of medium hardness. Some popular options that fall into this “medium” category that are often chosen for cabinets are yellow pine, American walnut, cherry, silver maple, and African mahogany. A widely popular hardier option is either the white or red oak. When you visit to discuss your wood cabinets with us, we can help you scale out what level of hardness you need so you can more easily narrow down your choices.


Our solid wood cabinets and even our veneers have variations of grain. Different trees are unique in design and beauty, and our fine wood cabinets created from these trees carry on their attractive attributes. Some grain is strong, colorful, and distinct, and it will show through any finish you put on it— This is common with oak cabinets. Other options like walnut or maple wood will have fine grain patterns that are lighter in color. The grain you choose depends entirely on your taste. With some woods, the grain can be muted down quite a bit by the shade or finish you choose.

In addition to grain, all of your wood cabinets will come with their very own unique characteristics like small holes from bird pecks or worms and knots. These characteristics are not only interesting to admire, but they are also proof that you have chosen a sophisticated and genuine solid wood option for your cabinets.

Color and Shade

While choosing a color for your wood cabinets is important, even if you decide on an option like yellow pine, which is lighter in color, you can stain and finish it to look darker. Some woods even darken over time rather than fade. For example, a cherry wood will already have a reddish, dark hue to it, but it will also soften and become darker with age. In this case, you should choose a lighter finish as to not overpower the color. As you are narrowing down your wood cabinets, ask for more information about how the wood will fade or darken with age. This will help you better determine an appropriate stain and color choice. Some woods may even require a heat shield to keep them from changing color due to radiation from the oven and stove.

While you are considering your options for wood cabinets, you may have more questions. You can call or visit us for more information about all of your options so that you can pick the best choice for your home.