Thursday, July 31, 2014

New Features in Custom Cabinets That Your Family Will Love

Custom Cabinets
If you are remodeling your kitchen, custom cabinets are a must have solution for creating the perfect space.  Cabinets do more than simply hold your dishes, they have changed over time to become more beautiful and functional than ever. When working with Quality Kitchen and Bath you can select exactly how they will look on the outside along with how they function on the inside. 
When you decide to remodel your kitchen, call us for a consultation.  We will go over your wish list along with learning more about how you use your kitchen, how many people cook and eat at home on a regular basis.  We will also want to know about the type of food that you cook and any special appliances that you use to make sure that there is a place for everything. There is no reason to remodel your kitchen and not include enough storage for every item both large and small.  With this information we will advise you on what type of cabinets and features you should have inside of your kitchen.
Here are some new features that custom cabinets can have. 
  • Baking sheet storage.  In many kitchens baking sheets or trays are in a single drawer underneath the oven.  This is messy and makes it difficult to grab the right baking tray when you need it.  Instead, a cabinet can be created with wooden slats separating trays.  They can stand straight up making it easy to see and grab what you need when you need it. 
  • Silverware storage.  The silverware drawer can easily become overcrowded.  Instead of placing a plastic tray inside of a drawer we provide silverware storage that can be built right in.  Not only can it be built in but we can build in two layers of storage into one single drawer.  That way the silverware you use daily is on top but can be slid back to show extras or the silverware that is reserved for special occasions. 
  • Slide out drawers.  This is one of the most convenient features in custom cabinets.  The face of the cabinet looks the same, but the base pulls out so that you can easily see and grab exactly what you need without digging through a dark cabinet. We can even build a double layer so that you can sort things like placemats easily. 
  • Pull out towel holder.  Kitchen towels are a must have in any kitchen but they don’t look aesthetically appealing.  We can build a custom towel holder that is hidden behind a cabinet front. 
  • Spice cabinet.  Spices can get cluttered very easily.  We can build a pull out spice cabinet or drawer that has a narrow space for the spices.  This way you can see everything easily.
  • Wine storage.  If you love wine but don’t have space for a wine cellar, we can build wine storage into your custom cabinets. Tell us how large your wine collection is and we will design a space for it.  
The options with custom cabinets are endless when working with Quality Kitchen and Bath.  To learn more, call for a consultation today.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

How to Design Your Bath Remodel

Bath Remodel
Summer is the perfect time for a bath remodel.  Since the weather hot and beautiful, you can be outdoors enjoying the sunshine while the experts transform your bathroom.  Before you get started it is important to think about the type of bathroom that you want and what features you need to make the space work perfectly for you. 
Here are some questions to ask before a bath remodel:
  1. How many people will use the bathroom?  A common problem with a bathroom is that they can become crowded. This isn’t an issue if you live alone but if you share a bathroom with a spouse or have several kids using a hallway bath it is important to incorporate enough space for everyone.  Let your contractor know how many people will be using the space and how old they are. 
  2. Does the bathroom need to be ADA friendly?  If anyone uses the bathroom in a wheelchair, the space will need to be wide enough for the chair to turn around in. This is an important factor to tell your contractor about before the project begins. 
  3. Do any children need to use the restroom?  As a contractor, we can incorporate kid-friendly features into your bath remodel. Simple solutions like installing two levels of sinks make it easy for a little one to wash their hands.  Additionally, a shorter toilet can be installed. This makes it easy for kids to use the restroom without help. 
  4. What do you want to store inside of the space?  If you don’t have a nearby linen closet, there needs to be space to hold all of your typical toiletries along with extra towels, toilet paper, and more.  This can easily be built into the bathroom and fit seamlessly with the design. 
These are some of the basics that need to be discussed when designing your bathroom.  Once they are resolved it is time to focus on more design elements.  This is where you can be as creative as you like with things like color, fixtures, lighting, and more can completely transform the space.  For example, a spa-like bathroom can be created for the master that offers a serene getaway.  The powder room can be more fun and whimsical since it won’t be used as often. Simultaneously, a hallway bathroom shared by kids should be colorful and full of storage solutions.  All of these can be incorporated into the design by Quality Kitchen and Bath. 
We can also include some practical yet luxurious features like heated tile floors that can make your feet warm and toasty during the winter.  Heated towel bars can help your towels to dry quickly and give you something warm to wrap yourself up in.  Built in televisions can deliver the news while you curl your hair and brush your teeth in the morning while touchless faucets can keep germs off of your hands.  The sky is the limit with modern home technology.  To get started on your dream bath remodel, call Quality Kitchen and Bath today.