Monday, October 17, 2016

Custom Cabinets: A Worthwhile Trend

Custom CabinetsGetting custom cabinets  for your kitchen has become a growing trend among people who are realizing that the kitchen is arguably the most important room in their home. Over the past decades, homeowners have been using the kitchen as a multi-purpose room where they not only cook, meet with the family but also socialize and show off the elegance of the house. One key to a successful kitchen design is to have custom cabinets.

Many homeowners love having custom cabinets for the kitchen, which add a sense of sophistication, allowing people to customize the overall look and feel of their kitchen.  Unfortunately, there are also many misconceptions when it comes to getting custom cabinets for a kitchen. If you are considering a kitchen remodel, or simply want to replace your existing cabinets with custom cabinets, give us a call. In the first phone call, we can provide a real-time estimate of the cost, the necessary time for installation, and work to discover the design for your custom kitchen.

One of the most popular myths when it comes to custom cabinets for your kitchen is that you can buy custom cabinetry for a partial kitchen remodel. While many homeowners would love to simply tear out the existing kitchen and put in a full new remodel, not all people can afford to do this.  This has led to many people looking for customized solutions and wanting to get custom cabinets put into a partial kitchen remodel. If you were getting all of your cabinets replaced this is truly an option.

However, it is a misconception to believe that custom cabinets can be mixed and matched in a partial remodel. In other words, it is extremely complicated to get a custom cabinet installed when you already have existing cabinets that you want to keep. This creates design problems, quality problems, and will ultimately not give you the cohesive feel that you want from the custom cabinets in your kitchen.

Another myth that is popular among homeowners looking to do a kitchen remodel without spending a lot of money on a complete remodel is that they can simply resurface the cabinets and achieve the same look as custom cabinets. The reality is that while there is great advertising out there for cabinet refacing, cabinet refacing will not give you the same look as custom cabinets. Why is that the case? This is because over time your cabinets are going to warp and the hinge alignments are going to be off.

In addition, resurfacing does not address the interior of the cabinets and there's usually a problem trying to get an exact match in the coloring of your cabinets.  The result is often a disappointing mismatch of kitchen cabinets that look like exactly what they are, resurfaced or refinished cabinets that do not have the cohesive and complete aspect of a custom cabinet job. You are far better off spreading your budget over time, and getting the beautiful custom cabinets you always wanted in the first place.

Learn more about custom cabinets and how they can improve your kitchen by calling our office.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Myths Surrounding a Classic Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen RemodelKitchen remodels can be some of the most intense, and important, projects that people will ever undertake in a home. The kitchen is very often the central place in the home, where people eat and socialize together. As a result, it is very important to make sure that you have the perfect style in your kitchen when you are undertaking a kitchen remodel. Often times people get caught up in all the things that they want in the kitchen remodel and fail to take into account factors such as the amount of space, budget, lighting, or other limitations that are so critical in any remodel.

If you are planning a kitchen remodel, the best option is to speak with a professional who can guide you on the many facets of the remodel and ensure that you take the best advantage of the kitchen's existing features. In addition, having someone work with you on the design can help you to avoid traps that many people fall into and stay away from many misconceptions that could be both costly and lead to delays. Here are a few of the more common myths that find their way into the mix when it comes to a kitchen model.

One of the most common mistakes that people make is believing the myth that they have to create a perfect kitchen by following the current trends precisely. The reality is that when you are having a kitchen remodel done you need to go with more classic lines because the classics never go out of style. While there are many trends, they never last forever. What this means is that the style that was in vogue today may not be in vogue tomorrow, and if you follow these trends precisely you will find that your kitchen is out of style very quickly.

Another mistake that people make, when doing a kitchen remodel, is to believe that they can do it piecemeal. Too many homeowners start a project, believing that they can keep working on it over time and as funds become available. Good intentions never really come to fruition for many of the homeowners that start a kitchen remodel, with the intent of a piecemeal finish. Instead, many times folks find themselves with a variety of styles and mismatched collections that make the kitchen look even worse than it was before the remodel was started. A kitchen remodel has certain elements that are necessary, and so you should speak with a kitchen remodel professional who can guide you on the best place to begin, and also give you the ability to budget properly.

The final myth that often takes hold, when it comes to a kitchen remodel, is the idea that people can do some or all of the remodel themselves. It is always better to get a professional to do the kitchen remodel since it is one of the most important rooms of your house. It takes more than a basic knowledge of how to do remodeling to create the perfect kitchen, so you should have us come in and give you an estimate on what it would cost to give you a dream kitchen.