Thursday, June 15, 2017

How to Select a General Contractor for My Home Remodel

When hiring a general contractor, it is very important to make an informed decision. The contractor ensures that the project takes place as you want it to, stays on budget, keeps subcontractors accountable and that the finished project is exactly what the homeowner wants. For these reasons, among others, it is critically important to ensure that the homeowner checks the credentials of the contractor.

People often question what the best way to identify a good general contractor is. There are a number of ways to do so. Here are some basic rules that one can apply to every situation.


States have very specific requirements when it comes to licensing a general contractor. Because of this, people that have a state license are going to be a high-quality contractor. Over the years, people who masquerade as a contractor, do a terrible job and are unable to meet the stringent requirements that are essential for licensing.

One of the first questions that a homeowner needs to ask a contractor is whether or not they are licensed. The next question to ask is to see the license. Never, ever, hire somebody who does not have an up-to-date license and cannot show it to you.


It is also critically important that the contractor has the necessary insurance. Carrying insurance is a sign of a contractor who takes their work very seriously, and will also be sure to have the safety precautions put in place. As with licensing, insurance companies have very specific requirements that a general contractor must meet in order to carry a policy.

In addition, hiring someone with an insurance policy helps to safeguard the homeowner in the event of an accident. Asking a contractor to provide their insurance information is a good way to help a homeowner decide if a contractor is right for their home remodeling project.

Estimates and timelines

One of the most critical functions that a general contractor performs is making sure that the project stays on budget, and on time. Asking a contractor to provide a detailed estimate is an important step in deciding which contractor is the best fit for a homeowner's project. A good contractor will always provide a detailed estimate with a breakdown of cost in materials, and give an estimated time frame of when the job can be completed.

It is critical not only to ask for this information but also to hold a contractor to those standards once the job has begun. It is important to understand that sometimes delays and added expenses can occur, however for the most part a contractor knows exactly how long the job is going to take, and what it is going to cost.

Finally, always try and work with a contractor that you get along with and can communicate with. This is essential when asking yourself how to select a general contractor for a home remodel. We are an experienced contractor and can provide all the information you need to be confident in our abilities. Call us today.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

What are Bathroom Remodel Options on a Budget?

If you are interested in completing a bathroom remodel, give us a call and we can make recommendations for the most effective remodel. Remodeling a bathroom is an excellent idea because it is an easy way to make a significant improvement on the aesthetics and functionality of the home. While a small space, bathrooms get an incredible amount of use. The more functional bathrooms are, the easier life becomes. Unfortunately, older homes were designed with bathrooms that lack in storage and functionality. Fortunately, we have the solution.

Try to stay on a budget

Being on a budget may seem challenging, but with proper planning, a bathroom remodel can still take place. The key to saving money often comes down to knowing what the homeowner wants and working with a contractor who is willing to make suggestions on how to save on materials and labor. Bathroom remodeling projects tend to get expensive when there are cost overruns.

This happens when homeowners change their mind about what they want or decide to use different materials close to the install date. These types of changes often create the need to find things quickly. Moving too fast means that there is no opportunity to look for sales or discounts. Forward planning is critical for saving on these costs.

Money saving tips

#1. Choose materials wisely

Bathroom remodels can include a variety of materials, which make a significant difference in the cost of the project. For example, one can purchase a shower or tub surround in a single piece. This is easy to install and does not require a tile specialist. While tile is incredibly attractive, a custom tile shower can take days to install and require the assistance of an expert. This increases the cost of materials and labor, making a difference in thousands of dollars on the overall project.

Other ways to save on materials is to shop around. Discount and bargain stores will often run specials that create an opportunity to buy things like the vanity or lighting at a serious discount. Sometimes even signing up for a store credit card can reduce the total cost. Just look for a contractor, like us, that is willing to allow you to purchase the materials.

#2. Select the right contractor

The contractor one hires for a bathroom remodel is critical. Contractors set their own prices and can charge whatever they want. It is wise to get a bid up front that includes the cost of labor and materials. Homeowners need to also budget for any cost overruns. A contractor that does not acknowledge that there may be cost overruns is likely to present a surprise bill at the end.

There are always things that come up unexpectedly. On the plus side, budgeting for the unexpected equals cost savings if everything goes according to plan.

#3. Add finishing touches later

When on a tight budget, it can be wise to add certain finishing touches later on. For example, the overall remodel can be completed but beadboard can be added to the walls or larger trim can be added at any time.

These are things that increase the cost but are easy for a homeowner to do on their own at any time.

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