Wednesday, February 15, 2017

A General Contractor Can Pull Everything Together

Having a general contractor assist with a kitchen remodel is going to be one of the smartest and most money-saving decisions that you can make during the entire remodel process. We have the expertise and the knowledge to guide homeowners throughout the process. We can help homeowners find ways to save money and still customize the kitchen to what they want.

Saving money

As a general contractor, we know how to plan for a remodel. We can help limit the number of surprises and cost overruns that frequently happen when homeowners try to finish a project on their own. We can also continue to lower the costs by helping to acquire better deals on materials.

We can help

One of the areas, for example, where we can be of significant assistance is when it comes to installing kitchen cabinets in a brand new kitchen. Kitchen cabinets often form the focal point of the kitchen because they take up so much space. For this reason, it is important that kitchen cabinets meet a number of criteria. The most critical of these are functionality and design.

Functionality and kitchen cabinets

While it is true that kitchen cabinets do create an important aesthetic and design element in the kitchen, it is also true that they serve an important purpose. The main purpose being that cabinets store utensils, pantry stock, spices and everything else that makes the kitchen a functional space.

Due to this fact, personalizing storage spaces is wise when installing kitchen cabinets. In order to accomplish this, we will work to ensure that clients have the perfect fusion of aesthetics and storage space.

User-friendly cabinets

Cabinets often include user-friendly options such as full extension roll-out shelves. These shelves allow people to reach for items in the cabinet without scraping knuckles or bumping one's head. Other important enhancements that we suggest are things like very large, deep, drawers in the base cabinets that can hold pots, pans, and an assortment of dry goods.

We also recommend the standard pull out recycling and garbage bins. Built-in open storage systems like wine racks and china displays can work to make the aesthetic even more profound, while also providing a convenient space for wine and china.

The look matters

As a general contractor, we are used to matching kitchen cabinets with all of the other elements that go into making a kitchen aesthetically beautiful. This includes making sure that the color combinations match perfectly, so that the floor and counters go perfectly together with the kitchen cabinets.

This can often be a tricky thing to accomplish without design experience and the ability to know what exactly is going to look great together. We offer the ability to mix and match so that kitchen cabinets look beautiful with the floors and counter you choose.


One mistake homeowners sometimes make is choosing the appliances without coordinating the exact size specifications available based on installed cabinetry. As a contractor, this is a mistake we can help you to avoid, ensuring that everything fits properly.

Start today

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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Save Money on Your Kitchen Cabinet Installation

Homeowners eventually reach that period of life in which a new kitchen cabinet installation becomes the perfect image for their kitchen. Cabinets are not only aesthetically pleasing but also provide the organizational aspect that everyone desires in their kitchen. Since the kitchen is considered to be the heart of the home for many, it is an important focal point that you need to pay specific attention to.

In the marketplace today, there is a dizzying array of choices and options to choose from. Therefore, it is important to know exactly what you wish to accomplish, what kind of colors and schemes are available, and what is the most effective way to have cabinets installed by a contractor.

Working with a contractor saves time and money

By hiring us as your general contractor, we can do the necessary heavy lifting. With our services, you can focus on the design and functionality aspect of the kitchen cabinet installation. Price is always a key concern with many people putting in new or replacement cabinets. Therefore, it is best to discuss the budget before starting the process.

A seasoned general contractor will be able to negotiate the best prices for kitchen cabinets, will be able to show price saving options for cabinet installation and can work with the design features to produce a lovely kitchen without breaking the bank. This is one of the many advantages to using a general contractor.

Custom, semi-custom or stock

By entering the world of kitchen cabinet installation, you're going to be inundated with a lot of jargon and industry lingo. One of the most important decisions, and we can help with this, is to decide whether to install stock, semi-custom, or custom cabinets installed. Stock cabinets tend to reign supreme because of the low price, quick delivery and the increased availability of accessory options.

Semi-custom cabinets are also very popular with clients who are willing to spend a little bit more because they offer a wide range of sizes, styles and finishes. Of the three, the most expensive are custom cabinets, and they can take up to 12 weeks to fabricate. The advantage with custom cabinets is that homeowners get a custom design that is specifically created for that exact kitchen space and with a particular vision in mind.

Light, dark or a combination

One of the challenges of doing a complete kitchen cabinet installation is needing to choose what color scheme to go with. There are lighter woods, like Oak and Maple, which will make the kitchen seem brighter and larger. These are especially good for smaller or older kitchens. There are also darker woods, like Cherry and Mahogany, which create a far more dramatic effect.  Kitchen cabinets can also incorporate glass and paint in order to create the perfect design for your kitchen.

Get started

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