Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Case for Custom Cabinets

Custom Cabinets
When remodeling a kitchen, custom cabinets will make a huge difference in the overall functionality of your space.  Some people elect to only refinish the front of their cabinets during a remodel.  While this does save money, it won’t yield the full benefits of a complete kitchen remodel that include making your life a little easier.
Whenever you design something you are able to take into consideration how you use the space.  Where you store your spices, the type of food you cook, and how you move about the kitchen all play into design decisions.  The challenge with existing cabinetry is that they weren’t designed with you in mind which can lead to a lack of functionality.
Here is how custom cabinets can help you.
·         Everything in its place.  When designing your cabinetry we will discuss with you all of the pots, pans, dishes, spices, bowls, food, silverware, appliances etc. that you use.  Your design plan will include a functional location to store each of these items.  The design should make it easy to access what you need, when you need it.  This will also save you time when putting dishes away.
·         Correct height.  If you are tall or short, the standard counter height may not meet your needs.  When your kitchen is customized we can build it to your specifications which will make cooking more comfortable.
·         See what you are storing.  We can install pull out drawers inside of your cabinets so that you can see what you are storing inside.  This will save you from digging through a dark cabinet in search of your favorite bowl.  Everything is brought into the light, instead of you digging.
·         Correct width.  Do you have a lot of placements or a special silverware holder?  If so, standard drawers may not be wide enough.  We can ensure that drawers are designed to fit these special items.
·         Pan storage.  Pans can be extremely messy.  If you like to bake, you probably have a lot of pans and cooling trays.  Placing them inside of a flat drawer doesn’t make sense.  Our stand up storage solutions can organize your pans so that they can be categorized and easily located.
·         Maximize small spaces.  Every corner, nook, and cranny can be utilized when you have custom cabinets made.  No space is wasted because we are able to come up with creative design solutions.
·         The right color.  Functionality is important but so is design.  Each homeowner has their preferred color choice when it comes to wood.  Your cabinets can be completely customized to fit your homes design and showcase your personality.  You can add whimsy be selecting fun or unique knobs and drawer pulls.
·         Electrical.  We can install electrical outlets into on the counter appliance garages so that you can use your toaster without taking it out of its hiding spot.  These little extras will keep your kitchen looking clean and fresh.

There is a huge variety of options to choose from when designing custom cabinets for your kitchen.  We are the home remodeling experts and can help you to identify exactly what you need and install them without a hitch.  Call us to learn more or to schedule an in home consultation. 

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Ideas for Your Bath Remodel

Bath Remodel
Spring is an excellent time for a bath remodel.  The weather is warmer, the windows can be open, and a new bathroom will make your home feel refreshed.  While bathrooms are typically one of the smaller rooms in your home, they get a lot of use, and a nice one can make your daily routine far easier.
There are several things to consider when remodeling your bathroom.  Ask yourself who will be using the space, what their storage needs are, how many people will be in there at the same time, and what the bathroom will be located next to.  Once you have narrowed down how your bathroom will be used, you can have a discussion with your contractor about what you need.
Here are our favorite bath remodel ideas.
·         Custom Tile Showers.  We can build a custom tile shower that is unique to your individual design preference and how you use the shower.  For example, if you enjoy trying ten different types of shampoos you will need several built in shower shelves.  If you like to relax in the shower, a bench can provide a place to sit.  Tiles can be selected that are stunning and simultaneously practical.  This is one high end feature you do not want to go without.
·         Ventilation.  Bathrooms have a lot of moisture.  If you have a larger family, with multiple people showering, it becomes especially important to have plenty of ventilation in your bathroom.  Older homes were often made with only a small ceiling fan or no fan at all.  Whenever we do a bathroom remodel, we identify multiple ways to add ventilation like a strong ceiling fan and installing a window that can be opened. This will also help to keep the air circulating and fresh.
·         Towel Storage.  Most families have a linen closet in the hallway.  This isn’t very practical for when you are ready to shower and need a towel.  We can install built in towel storage that looks like cubbies.  Your towels can be rolled up, stored, and grabbed exactly when you need it.
·         Laundry Hamper.  How many times have you seen dirty socks and underwear on the floor?  Installing a laundry hamper in your bathroom can solve this problem.  A removable canvas bag can help you to transport laundry when you are ready to do the wash.  Think of it like you would a built in kitchen garbage can. This has the same functionality, only for your laundry.
·         Heated Floors.  Your toes will feel nice and warm during cold winter months when you have heated tile floors to step onto.  This is a solution that can also cut down on your heating bill during the winter.  They are good for any room in your home with tile floors.
·         Double Sinks.  If you have children, even your hallway bathroom should have double sinks.  Getting kids ready for bed, when everyone is vying for the sink can be a frustrating exercise.  Installing double sinks will help with the commotion, and there are ways to do it, without taking up a lot of space.

Whether you need practical design solutions or ideas for creating a bathroom fit for a princess, we can help.  We are bath remodel experts so call us today for your in home consultation. 

Whether you need practical design solutions or ideas for creating a bathroom fit for a princess, we can help.  We are bath remodel experts so call us today for your in home consultation.