Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Features to Include in Your Custom Cabinets

Custom CabinetsCustom cabinets are incredibly useful when it comes to storage and function. Custom cabinets tend to be far superior to stock cabinets. Instead of being large open spaces, we can break custom cabinets into specific sizes that are useful for the appliances, tools, and solutions one uses on a daily basis. These cabinets also make organization easier than before.

From an appearance perspective, we can customize custom cabinets for any style or design that the customer prefers, with a finish or color that best suits the design. One of our designers can provide suggestions during a consultation. In the meantime, here are some features to consider adding to your cabinetry.

#1. Spice racks

Rather than hunting for the perfect spice in a crammed cabinet space, install a spice rack that is narrow and easy to pull out. Homeowners can store more spices here and easily see what is available with one glance, rather than needing to dig for it.

#2. Create a utensil cabinet

Similar to the pull-out spice rack, one can pull a utensil cabinet out with relative ease. Essentially, we create holes in a drawer-like space so that round utensil holders can slide in and out with use.

#3. Add pan separators

Do not just throw all of the pans into one large cupboard. Instead, install separators to help the pans remain organized and easily-accessible. No more clanking pans when it is time to bake.

#4. Built-in garbage and recycling

Hide the unattractive and smelly garbage by installing a built-in garbage system. We can build cabinets that accompany the trash and recycling bins in a discrete fashion. This way, no one will have to look at the trash bin in the middle of the kitchen.

#5. Pull-out counter space.

If your kitchen is rather small when it comes to square footage, one may need additional counter space. An effective method to gain additional square footage is to install surfaces that pull out under the countertops. When doing something like baking, people can pull out the counter space to place the mixer on or the hot cookies coming out of the oven.

#6. Install organization

When a person pulls out an open drawer it is likely to be a mess because it is one large space with no possibility of separating the contents. To solve this problem, we can install parts to organize each drawer organization tp create cubby-like spaces. Then, everything can go in a specific cubby to make a convenient space.

#7. Wine storage

Designate an area in the kitchen for cold and room-temperature wine storage. When designing the layout of custom cabinets, we can create spaces for the client's current favorites.

The sky is the limit

There is no limit to what a creative homeowner, and design team, can do when having custom cabinets installed in your home. Any requirement, suggestion, idea or concern can be addressed because these cabinets are literally being created for you. The key is taking the right amount of time to consider what will be stored in the kitchen, how it will be used, and what functional elements are necessary to create a fully functional space. This is something our design team can help with. Call today to get started.