Friday, August 8, 2014

Bathroom Remodel Ideas for Small Spaces

If you are currently space challenged, your bathroom remodel needs to accomplish a lot in a small footprint. Fortunately, there are many ways to maximize space so that you can get the features you need without a lot of square footage.  The key is to speak with a bathroom expert that knows how to position things along with tricks for packing more into a small space. 
Here are some of our favorite ideas:
  • Use a pedestal sink.  If you are remodeling a small powder room, there is typically no need for a lot of storage. This is the space most often used by guests, so install a pedestal sink instead of a traditional vanity.  It will clear up floor space so that the room looks larger than it is. 
  • Look to the walls.  Instead of placing things on the floor, use the walls in your bathroom remodel.  For example, toilet paper can be hung on the wall next to the toilet instead of using a stand that is placed onto the floor.  Using a medicine cabinet for your mirror will also create storage on the wall while eliminating the need for a cabinet on the floor.  
  • Use a curved shower rod.  This will not take up any additional floor space but will make the interior of the shower feel larger than it is, important for people that don’t like confined spaces. 
  • Built-in storage.  A contractor can build cubbies into your wall that can be used for storing towels, toilet paper, and anything else that you may need.  This is an excellent way to gain storage without eating into your floor space.  It can also help you to stay organized and eliminate the need to place towels in a hallway linen closet. 
  • Shallow counter and cabinets.  If you aren’t fond of the pedestal sink, you can have custom cabinets created that are more shallow than normal.  A counter can be placed on top to give you the benefits of a bathroom countertop without taking up too much floor space. 
  • Hanging lights.  If you are limited on wall space, use hanging lights instead. You can get really creative and use it as a decorative piece as well.  While small, these lights can provide the illumination you need while also enhancing the design of the space. 
  • Add texture.  When you have a small space, it is the perfect time to incorporate exotic textures and bright colors.  You can use a small powder room to incorporate your favorite things without feeling like you are going overboard.  For example, use mosaic tiles to cover the walls or your favorite shade of coral.  Since the room is completely confined, you don’t need to worry about it matching the other spaces in your home. 
Whether you are planning a bathroom remodel of an existing space or want to incorporate a new bathroom into your home, small spaces can do the trick without taking needed floor space from other rooms.  For example, an under the stairs bathroom can create a needed powder room without impacting the rest of the house.  To learn more about your options, call Quality Kitchen and Bath today.