Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Custom Cabinets Are a Home Chef's Dream

Custom Cabinets
If you are ready to turn your kitchen into a chef’s paradise, it is time to consider installing custom cabinets. Many people are getting hooked on cooking. If you are one of them and can’t stop watching the Cooking Channel or you look up recipes non-stop on your phone, then it is time for a kitchen remodel. Adventures in cooking can absolutely be fantastic, especially if you like to spend your mornings rolling out dough for a quiche or frying up hot sausage for brunch while thinking about how you’re going to make scratch pasta. However, the more creative and intense you are as a cook, the more cabinet space and counter space you will need.  We can give it to you by installing beautiful and unique custom cabinets.  This will provide you with the flexibility you need to take your cooking to a new level.

You Need Room to Spread Out

Things like making homemade pasta require a large workspace, and if you use a pasta machine, you will need a cabinet to store it in. Simultaneously, if you are into making homemade bread, cakes, and pies, you will need an industrial-size mixer and that will require storage as well. For the average cook, a few pans and mixing bowls may suffice, but for the homemade expert, there are specific tools you will need for each job. Fortunately, all of your tools can have a home if you remodel your kitchen with custom cabinets.

Your Custom Cabinets Can Include Storage for:
  • Baking supplies. Any baker knows that you cannot have only one type of flour and sugar. You need pastry flour, all-purpose, bread flour, and even specialty flour like coconut for certain cakes and cookies. This requires far more storage space than a traditional cook would use.
  • Unique cooking tools. If you are experimenting with making certain dishes or even doing things like making your own sausage, spices, and pasta, you will probably use additional tools that few other cooks do. If so, you will need significantly more cabinet storage and we can create room for each item while fulfilling your plan.
  • If you do not have a set pantry in your home, we can give you one with custom cabinetry. This will give you plenty of space to store all your daily food and your unique ingredients.
It is important to work with a professional who can help you create a plan for how to design your kitchen. When it comes to ordering custom cabinets, there can be a space for every single item you use on a daily basis and those you only use once a year. The key is to create a customized plan that allows for the specific dimensions you need to store everything properly. This way, you can store with ease rather than having to force large objects into small spaces or ending up with a great deal of wasted space. We can help you design your dream kitchen, so call today for a consultation and begin living a home chef’s dream.

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