Monday, February 1, 2016

Bath Remodel
If you are getting ready to complete your bath remodel, there is a good chance you have been on Pinterest looking for ideas or browsing your favorite issues of Better Homes and Gardens. We have pictures we can show you as well, and enjoy being part of the creative process. When it comes to remodeling your home, the bathroom can be a great deal of fun, for while it is a small room, it also provides you with an incredible amount of flexibility. With your bathroom, you don’t have to worry about it matching or blending in with the other rooms in your home. You can go in any direction you like, and we can take you there.

Beyond the aesthetics of your bathroom, it needs to have a high level of functionality. These five lifestyle hacks can make your bathroom more efficient and organized.

#1 - Built-in wall storage.

Every bathroom needs this. If you are tired of having towels flooding out of the linen closet or need more storage for toilet paper and extra bottles of shampoo, built-in wall storage can tuck it all away neatly out of sight. This is ideal for both large and small spaces.

#2 - Hidden hamper.

If you are like most families, dirty clothes tend to pile up quickly, sometimes on the bathroom floor. When completing your bath remodel, we can install a hidden hamper under the kitchen sink. Just like your garbage can be hidden in the kitchen, so can your dirty clothes. With a removable and washable clothes bag, you can simply pull it out and throw everything in the wash before replacing it again. Tell the kids to throw their clothes in after a shower, and you will spend less time picking up.

#3 - Custom tile shower.

Your shower can be neat, organized, and even give you a place to sit down and shave your legs. We can give you a beautiful and functional custom tile shower when completing your bath remodel. While a high-end feature, this is also an incredibly convenient way to get clean.

#4 - Built-in television.

If you need to catch up on your morning news while getting ready, we can install a television. You can stay up-to-date without sacrificing your morning routine.

#5 - Heated floors.

Gone are the days of feeling cold after your shower when you have heated floors. They are comfortable, producing steady and consistent heat while making your routine more luxurious. If you are a family who turns the heat up to give the kids a bath, this is a simple solution to keep that room of your home warm and toasty.

There are so many ways to improve the functionality of your bathroom. We can provide you with suggestions and solutions after viewing your space and discussing what your family’s unique needs are. Our goal is to create a truly stunning, beautiful, and ideal space for your family to use on a daily basis.