Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Why Hiring a General Contractor Is Better than Hiring Your Own Subcontractors

General Contractor
For many home or business owners, it’s tempting just to find your own subcontractors and leave a general contractor out of the picture. Many people believe this is easier, less expensive, and makes more sense. However, a general contractor has connections, expertise, and planning and organizational abilities that will become assets to your building project in the near future.


While general contractors specialize in running the show, hiring subcontractors, and getting the job completed from start to finish, subcontractors specialize in very specific areas like plumbing, masonry, framing, electricity, and even concrete work. You may think you know plenty of subcontractors to hire the right ones yourself, but we guarantee we will think of details you may not realize could come up later, and we know the best in the business who will complete a job the right way in a timely fashion. If you hire subcontractors on your own, you could get taken advantage of financially. We know who charges what for their work and who can provide you with a more accurate budget for your building project, so you never have to worry about “surprise” costs. Since we have been in the business so long, we know the best subcontractors who will be worth every penny you spend.

In addition to people connections, a general contractor is also responsible for providing all the equipment needed to build your project. If you hire subcontractors on your own, you may end up having to acquire special rentals or tools that you otherwise wouldn't have needed access to, so instead of spending more unnecessary money, let us handle it for you.


Most general contractors have built hundreds of homes, if not thousands. We understand challenges will occur, and we know how to handle any problem no matter what size. We are able to see the bigger picture when you are concerned about the details and become stressed about the little things. We can remind you that there is always a way to remedy a problem, and we know who to contact to provide a solution.

You will hire your general contractor while you are planning the building of your home or business, and we will help you come up with original ideas, budgeting strategies, building materials, and a finalized blueprint. From there, we will guide you and all the subcontractors to the finished product, keeping everyone on task and happy, so you don’t have to deal with begrudged, injured, or confused workers. Basically, a general contractor does all the dirty work, so you don’t have to.

Hiring a general contractor is always a better decision than hiring your own subcontractors for any building project, no matter how big or small it may be. Many people get in over their heads trying to handle projects like this without the tremendous help of a contractor. To schedule a time to meet to discuss your dream home, contact our office.