Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Granite Countertops vs. Marble and Laminate

Granite Countertops
If you are considering placing granite countertops in your home, you may be wondering how they compare with other materials. Granite is incredibly popular and has become the material of choice for many modern home buyers. Replacing both laminate and tile, you are more likely to find granite in new constructions now than in years past. Given the diversity of colors, styles, and design, it is no wonder that designers are also including them in remodels. Still, when you go to remodel your kitchen, you need to select a material that fits your needs, rather than just being a design trend. Here is what you need to know about granite and the comparable options.

Natural Materials

Both granite and marble are natural materials, unlike laminate. As something that is naturally occurring, there is a uniqueness to each slab. They are not manufactured in a lab to your or anyone’s exact specifications. This makes them incredibly interesting, and it can be fun to select your counters from a variety of options. However, if you need it to look an exact way, it could take some time to find the right counters, or you may need to temporarily put in laminate while you hunt for a slab of granite that you are absolutely in love with.


Granite countertops are the most durable when compared with marble and laminate. They are hardy and less likely to stain, chip, or crack than the other two. For the most part, granite is resistant to foods that are acidic as well. Marble can be made more durable with regular sealing. However, laminate is naturally prone to cracks and chips because of how thin it is. This is more likely to show on the corners or edges of the counters.


All three are fairly easy to clean, but they can also soak in the color of food or drinks that are placed on them. For this reason, you should clean them right away. Granite is the least likely to show stains, but you should still reseal it once every two years. Marble, on the other hand, need to be resealed twice every year. This makes the maintenance cost and time requirement much higher with marble.


When it comes to cost, nothing is as inexpensive a laminate and it looks it. If you want your counters to look high-end or custom, laminate is not a good solution, since it is all about function and not design. Marble, on the other hand, can look very glamorous, but it is the most expensive of the three. Given its ability to chip or become stained, this is a better option for bathroom counters that are smaller and receive less use. For your kitchen, we recommend granite countertops because while they cost far more than granite, the cost is worth it. Your kitchen will look amazing, and your counters will last for years to come while still looking incredible. They stand the test of time, which means less remodeling cost in the future.

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