Monday, April 17, 2017

What To Look for When Hiring General Contractor in New Orleans

Are you looking for general contractors in New Orleans to complete your home remodel, extension or build you a new one? If so, this could be one of the more important decisions you ever make. The skill of your contractor will directly influence how well you love your home for years to come. With that in mind, here are things to consider:

#1. Experience matters

Any contractor one hires needs to be able to show pictures of past jobs for examples. Most, including ourselves, will have a book of photos for easy access that we show to any prospective client. This is critical because it is important to see the caliber of work and to ensure that the style is similar to what the client envisions. While contractors have creative license and can certainly do things to appease clients, there are certain things that tend to be consistent multiple projects.

It is important to make sure that those things are in line with your vision.  If none of a contractor's designs are of interest, make it clear what you were looking for and ask if any samples are available that are more in line with what has been discussed. It may be that the sample book just contains things that the majority of people like but there are other examples available.

#2. Being comfortable is important

A general contractor in New Orleans is likely to be on the job for months, even a year if building a new home. Being able to openly and comfortably have discussions about ideas, taste, and materials is critically important. During initial conversations, it should be clear if this comfort level exists between homeowner and contractor. If it does not, it is best to look for someone else. Again, without the ability to speak freely, the results are unlikely to be exactly as desired.

#3. Check reviews

Find out what others have to say and what their experiences have been by reading client testimonial provided by the contractor along with reviews found online. Keep in mind that some people will be unhappy no matter what but, in general, reviews tend to provide insight into what can be expected.

#4. Ask to see their license

A general contractor in New Orleans should be able to produce a copy of their business and contractor's license. This is a critical document required by any professional contractor. In fact, someone cannot simply decide to be a contractor one day. There is a process that must be gone through with the state and that includes becoming fully licensed and insured.

=Anyone unable to produce these documents is not a legitimate contractor, even if they are doing work around people's homes. The risk in not hiring a licensed contractor is that if something goes wrong there is less legal recourse and one mus ask the question, why does this contractor not have a license?

Schedule an appointment

As a licensed general contractor in New Orleans, we would be happy to help with any home remodeling or construction project you have in mind. To learn more about our services or see what we have done in the past, give us a call.

Monday, April 3, 2017

Tips from a Kitchen Contractor in New Orleans on Preservation

If you want to remodel while preserving the architecture of your home, call to speak with our kitchen contractor in New Orleans. Preserving existing materials and architecture inside of a home is actually far more challenging than conducting demolition, tearing everything out and installing new. It is faster to demo and can often save money which is why most contractors will offer that initially instead of discussing preservation techniques.

However, it is certainly possible to preserve a lot of the materials and character of an older home. It simply requires the homeowner's patience with the process and investing in a contractor with the experience to preserve historic materials.

Preservation tips from a kitchen contractor in New Orleans.

First, there must be a plan between homeowner and contractor. In most cases, not everything will be worth preserving or capable of preservation. For example, if something is too fragile to move or rotting, we may not be able to safely move it without causing damage. This makes it important to go over all the existing materials in the home and make note of what to preserve.

It is also necessary to have contingency plans in place. Once the process begins, things will be discovered and it may require some adjustment. For example, lighting fixtures may be salvaged but require new components or wiring. Having a plan for how a situation like this will be addressed makes the process able to continue without causing massive delays.

Quality takes time

Slow and steady is the name of the game when it comes to preserving materials. It is critical to hire a contractor who can carefully remove the existing cabinetry from the walls or restore it in place. This requires extensive patience but is entirely worth it to preserve the character of an older home. Creativity is also necessary when remodeling a historic kitchen.

Finding ways to incorporate modern appliances, update plumbing and wiring while still preserving the cabinetry, flooring, look and feel of the kitchen, requires not just skill but extensive creativity. As a contractor, we have the creativity necessary to identify solutions and work toward a successful outcome.

Many of the homes we work on are historic. We treasure them and the opportunity to bring new life to spaces without taking away from the historic charm that makes them beautiful.

We can visit your home and create plans as a kitchen contractor in New Orleans.

Getting started is as easy as calling and scheduling an appointment with our office. We have experience in these types of restoration and remodeling projects and can add valuable insight to the overall process. We will need to visit the property and discuss what the goals are for the project prior to making specific recommendations.

We are thoughtful and methodical during this process, understanding that there is only one opportunity to remodel a historic home correctly. After all, once the original materials are gone, nothing can replace them as perfectly as our team.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Features to Include in Your Custom Cabinets

Custom CabinetsCustom cabinets are incredibly useful when it comes to storage and function. Custom cabinets tend to be far superior to stock cabinets. Instead of being large open spaces, we can break custom cabinets into specific sizes that are useful for the appliances, tools, and solutions one uses on a daily basis. These cabinets also make organization easier than before.

From an appearance perspective, we can customize custom cabinets for any style or design that the customer prefers, with a finish or color that best suits the design. One of our designers can provide suggestions during a consultation. In the meantime, here are some features to consider adding to your cabinetry.

#1. Spice racks

Rather than hunting for the perfect spice in a crammed cabinet space, install a spice rack that is narrow and easy to pull out. Homeowners can store more spices here and easily see what is available with one glance, rather than needing to dig for it.

#2. Create a utensil cabinet

Similar to the pull-out spice rack, one can pull a utensil cabinet out with relative ease. Essentially, we create holes in a drawer-like space so that round utensil holders can slide in and out with use.

#3. Add pan separators

Do not just throw all of the pans into one large cupboard. Instead, install separators to help the pans remain organized and easily-accessible. No more clanking pans when it is time to bake.

#4. Built-in garbage and recycling

Hide the unattractive and smelly garbage by installing a built-in garbage system. We can build cabinets that accompany the trash and recycling bins in a discrete fashion. This way, no one will have to look at the trash bin in the middle of the kitchen.

#5. Pull-out counter space.

If your kitchen is rather small when it comes to square footage, one may need additional counter space. An effective method to gain additional square footage is to install surfaces that pull out under the countertops. When doing something like baking, people can pull out the counter space to place the mixer on or the hot cookies coming out of the oven.

#6. Install organization

When a person pulls out an open drawer it is likely to be a mess because it is one large space with no possibility of separating the contents. To solve this problem, we can install parts to organize each drawer organization tp create cubby-like spaces. Then, everything can go in a specific cubby to make a convenient space.

#7. Wine storage

Designate an area in the kitchen for cold and room-temperature wine storage. When designing the layout of custom cabinets, we can create spaces for the client's current favorites.

The sky is the limit

There is no limit to what a creative homeowner, and design team, can do when having custom cabinets installed in your home. Any requirement, suggestion, idea or concern can be addressed because these cabinets are literally being created for you. The key is taking the right amount of time to consider what will be stored in the kitchen, how it will be used, and what functional elements are necessary to create a fully functional space. This is something our design team can help with. Call today to get started.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Fun Ideas for Your Next Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen RemodelIf a homeowner is ready to undergo a kitchen remodel but is looking for something unique and not conventional, we have several options to choose. These options add both visual appeal and higher functionality to the home. Here are some of the list of things to try:

#1. Pull out utensil organizer

This organizer is an easy way to get the utensil holders off of the counter for a clutter-free experience. Essentially, this is a narrow cabinet with holes cut out of a top shelf so that the utensil holders can slide in and out as necessary. This organizer provides a convenience that makes the entire process easier.

#2. Hidden, growing outlet

We can install a hidden outlet in the counter that people can push down when not in use. This convenient invention allows for a tour of plugins to emerge when necessary and then shrink back into the counter when not in use. For anyone that likes to cook, this can be a convenient way to plug in small appliances that an individual only uses it occasionally.

#3. Coffee cabinet

Coffee drinkers can rejoice since we can install a special cabinet for the necessary coffee brewing tools. Imagine how convenient it can be to plug in a coffee pot and have the coffee, cream, sugar, and cups directly above completely hidden out of sight.

#4. Hanging pan holders

A big complaint we hear from homeowners planning a kitchen remodel is what to do with the pans that always cause clutter. One easy solution is to create a hanging system that slides into a cupboard. Instead of stacking them on top of each other, the pans can be hanging one in front of the other for convenient storage and access. As a bonus, this will keep the pans in better condition.

#5. Install a banquette

For additional seating, install a banquette instead of just using counter seating. A benefit of a banquette is that storage can be built underneath to house things like the extra linens or kitchen appliances that are very rarely used.

#6. Hang a chalkboard

To create a space for kids to play or for the homeowner to feature the meal of the day, people can hang a chalkboard on the wall or use chalkboard paint to create a wall that can be drawn on. This is a cheap and simple way to add some fun to the house's kitchen space.

#7. Create an indoor/outdoor space

Using a large window that opens completely, people can suddenly have an indoor kitchen with access to the outside. For summer fun, have a bar built on the other side so that guests can pull up a stool and interact with you while cooking, without ever coming inside. This is a fantastic way to host a summer party since people can easily move trays of appetizers or drinks from the kitchen to the outdoor counter with no hassle.

Call for help with your kitchen remodel

These are only a few of the fun ideas we have for your kitchen. For help, schedule a consultation with one of our designers.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

A General Contractor Can Pull Everything Together

Having a general contractor assist with a kitchen remodel is going to be one of the smartest and most money-saving decisions that you can make during the entire remodel process. We have the expertise and the knowledge to guide homeowners throughout the process. We can help homeowners find ways to save money and still customize the kitchen to what they want.

Saving money

As a general contractor, we know how to plan for a remodel. We can help limit the number of surprises and cost overruns that frequently happen when homeowners try to finish a project on their own. We can also continue to lower the costs by helping to acquire better deals on materials.

We can help

One of the areas, for example, where we can be of significant assistance is when it comes to installing kitchen cabinets in a brand new kitchen. Kitchen cabinets often form the focal point of the kitchen because they take up so much space. For this reason, it is important that kitchen cabinets meet a number of criteria. The most critical of these are functionality and design.

Functionality and kitchen cabinets

While it is true that kitchen cabinets do create an important aesthetic and design element in the kitchen, it is also true that they serve an important purpose. The main purpose being that cabinets store utensils, pantry stock, spices and everything else that makes the kitchen a functional space.

Due to this fact, personalizing storage spaces is wise when installing kitchen cabinets. In order to accomplish this, we will work to ensure that clients have the perfect fusion of aesthetics and storage space.

User-friendly cabinets

Cabinets often include user-friendly options such as full extension roll-out shelves. These shelves allow people to reach for items in the cabinet without scraping knuckles or bumping one's head. Other important enhancements that we suggest are things like very large, deep, drawers in the base cabinets that can hold pots, pans, and an assortment of dry goods.

We also recommend the standard pull out recycling and garbage bins. Built-in open storage systems like wine racks and china displays can work to make the aesthetic even more profound, while also providing a convenient space for wine and china.

The look matters

As a general contractor, we are used to matching kitchen cabinets with all of the other elements that go into making a kitchen aesthetically beautiful. This includes making sure that the color combinations match perfectly, so that the floor and counters go perfectly together with the kitchen cabinets.

This can often be a tricky thing to accomplish without design experience and the ability to know what exactly is going to look great together. We offer the ability to mix and match so that kitchen cabinets look beautiful with the floors and counter you choose.


One mistake homeowners sometimes make is choosing the appliances without coordinating the exact size specifications available based on installed cabinetry. As a contractor, this is a mistake we can help you to avoid, ensuring that everything fits properly.

Start today

Begin your remodel with our help and you will love the results.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Save Money on Your Kitchen Cabinet Installation

Homeowners eventually reach that period of life in which a new kitchen cabinet installation becomes the perfect image for their kitchen. Cabinets are not only aesthetically pleasing but also provide the organizational aspect that everyone desires in their kitchen. Since the kitchen is considered to be the heart of the home for many, it is an important focal point that you need to pay specific attention to.

In the marketplace today, there is a dizzying array of choices and options to choose from. Therefore, it is important to know exactly what you wish to accomplish, what kind of colors and schemes are available, and what is the most effective way to have cabinets installed by a contractor.

Working with a contractor saves time and money

By hiring us as your general contractor, we can do the necessary heavy lifting. With our services, you can focus on the design and functionality aspect of the kitchen cabinet installation. Price is always a key concern with many people putting in new or replacement cabinets. Therefore, it is best to discuss the budget before starting the process.

A seasoned general contractor will be able to negotiate the best prices for kitchen cabinets, will be able to show price saving options for cabinet installation and can work with the design features to produce a lovely kitchen without breaking the bank. This is one of the many advantages to using a general contractor.

Custom, semi-custom or stock

By entering the world of kitchen cabinet installation, you're going to be inundated with a lot of jargon and industry lingo. One of the most important decisions, and we can help with this, is to decide whether to install stock, semi-custom, or custom cabinets installed. Stock cabinets tend to reign supreme because of the low price, quick delivery and the increased availability of accessory options.

Semi-custom cabinets are also very popular with clients who are willing to spend a little bit more because they offer a wide range of sizes, styles and finishes. Of the three, the most expensive are custom cabinets, and they can take up to 12 weeks to fabricate. The advantage with custom cabinets is that homeowners get a custom design that is specifically created for that exact kitchen space and with a particular vision in mind.

Light, dark or a combination

One of the challenges of doing a complete kitchen cabinet installation is needing to choose what color scheme to go with. There are lighter woods, like Oak and Maple, which will make the kitchen seem brighter and larger. These are especially good for smaller or older kitchens. There are also darker woods, like Cherry and Mahogany, which create a far more dramatic effect.  Kitchen cabinets can also incorporate glass and paint in order to create the perfect design for your kitchen.

Get started

Finding the right cabinets is easy with our help. Call today to learn more about your options.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

A Kitchen Contractor Can Help You Plan for Your Family

From the type of counter to the cabinets, everyone has the images for their ideal kitchen. However, it can be difficult to bring that ideal dream kitchen to life with finding the supplies, tearing up the old kitchen and building the new one. Fortunately, we can help bring your dream kitchen to life in an efficient and professional manner.

Drawing up the plans

As a kitchen contractor, we can help to bring these ideas together to create a comprehensive and achievable plan. When we meet with clients, they have a variety of design ideas and things that they want to try. This can be an excellent place to start but very often these ideas do not come together. We can help determine what the client is trying to achieve overall and which design elements will flow into that plan.

The other aspect we can help to determine is what is important for one's family and lifestyle. The kitchen is the hardest-working room in the home and has to be more than functional; it has to function well. It should make daily life easier and less stressful whenever possible. While this may be a tall order, we know that it is possible. By having the right type of organization, storage, flow, and appliances; cooking dinner, packing lunches and cleaning up can be much faster than it is currently. This, in turn, will give one more time to spend doing other things that he or she enjoys, such as actually sitting down to dinner with the family.

To help clients make these important decisions, we will want to know:

Who normally cooks and are there several people in the kitchen at one time? If so, how many?

The answer will determine how much prep or counter space there needs to be and how wide the walkways should be to accommodate everyone. We can design a kitchen that allows for as much space as possible and gives multiple people enough room to use the kitchen at the same time.

What is it really like when making lunch in the morning?

Do you have three kids running and bumping into each other? If so, we can build a large center island so that they can be standing in different spots, making their sandwiches and getting lunch ready. We can take all concerns and requests into account when creating plans for the kitchen.

What type of food do you cook?

As a kitchen contractor, we need to know what the client likes to cook because that determines which appliances and storage solutions we need to build in. For example, anyone who cooks homemade pasta needs an area large enough to roll it out and a pasta faucet, so that water can fill up the pot with ease. Bakers need more storage for baking trays and mixers along with a double oven. These solutions are fully customizable.

Describe the cleanup time.

It is rare for a kitchen contractor to go into the details of what it is like to clean up after dinner. This is something that we need to know because it allows us to make cleaning up easier for the client. We can install an extra large and deep sink or two dishwashers if necessary. We can even make the cleanup area separate from where one cooks so that fewer people are bumping into each other.

We can help you to create your dream kitchen; one that is just as beautiful as it is functional and will work well for your family. To find out more information, call our office and schedule an appointment with a kitchen contractor.