Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Design Ideas for a Summertime Bath Remodel

Bath Remodel
If you want to do a bath remodel this summer, we have fantastic ideas for you.  Remodeling your bathroom can be fun and increase your enjoyment of the space.  Since bathrooms are so small, it is easy to make a large impact fairly quickly.  Even with kids home from school it is easy to tackle this remodeling project and it can be completed in only a couple of weeks.  As an added benefit, the bathroom is contained so the rest of your house won’t be impacted by dirt or clutter.

This summer take advantage of the long days and start a home improvement project.  Our professional crew can transform your space quickly and beautifully.  By the time school starts back up you and your family could be getting ready in style.

Here are some of our favorite bath remodel ideas.
  • Storage.  Every bathroom should be full of built in storage solutions.  Whether you are a couple without children or a large family of five, storage is essential for keeping the bathroom clean and organized.  We can build cubbies into the wall to hold your towels so that a linen closet isn’t needed.  Custom cabinets can be made to hold the right size of makeup and toiletries.  Drawers can be divided for smaller items.  The key is to identify every member of the family that will be using the space and the items they use to get ready in the morning.  Once we know that we can create a storage plan to keep everything in its place.
  • Heated towel bar.  This is lovely in the winter.  It will help your towels to dry faster and give you something warm to wrap up in on those colder days.
  • Heated tile floors.  This is a fantastic solution for keeping the space warm.  Your toes will stay nice and toasty, and it is an energy efficient solution for keeping your bathroom warm.
  • Install a window.  Many older homes don’t have windows in the bathroom. While a fan can be effective for removing excess moisture, it cannot provide the fresh air that a window can.  Have a window installed that can open so that you can have fresh air and let the moisture out year round.
  • Custom mirrors.  Large blocks of glass mirrors look boring and have no character.  Use a large custom mirror, or two mirrors, instead.  This will improve the entire look of your bathroom and give it a custom feel.  You can also use the mirror to express your creativity.
  • Double sinks.  This is a must have for anyone that isn’t single.  Brushing teeth, washing your face, and getting ready in the morning becomes much easier when you are not fighting over the sink.  Even the kids will appreciate this one.
  • Lighting.  Have quality lighting installed so that you can see yourself while getting ready.
There are many other solutions for customizing your bathroom.  A bath remodel can be as simple as improving the aesthetic features or as complicated as adding more square footage.  We can handle it all and would be happy to share specific design ideas during an in-home consultation.