Thursday, June 5, 2014

Five Tips for Making Your Bath Remodel a Success

Bath Remodel
Before you start a bath remodel there are things you can do to make the process more successful.  In any remodel, there are bound to be surprises.  By preparing and creating a plan, you can stay on schedule and on budget.  Our team of experts can help you to do just that. 
Here are tips for making your project a successful one.
  1. Plan for your remodel and buy the supplies.  Before you start demolition, know what paint colors you are using, the vanity you want to install, lighting fixtures that you need, tub, tile etc.  Consider each item that you want within your bathroom and buy it ahead of time.  Some items will take time to arrive or may be temporarily out of stock so wait to start your project until you have everything.  As a contractor, we will help with this process.
  2. Apply for permits.  If you are doing more than a simple bath remodel, like extending out the space, you may need a permit.  We will help to facilitate this process by completing and submitting a permit application.  If one is required, the job can’t start until the permit is received.  The time of year and the county will determine how long this process will take.
  3. Plan for storage.  A bathroom needs storage.  When considering your design options it is important to decide if your storage will use built in cabinets or if you want to buy storage that takes up floor space.  This should be incorporated into the design, and built-in storage needs to be created during the initial build out.
  4. Ventilation.  Bathrooms without proper ventilation can suffer from mold issues.  When doing a bath remodel you can have a fan installed, window, or both.  Whenever possible we recommend incorporating both options because it gives you the maximum amount of air flow.  We can use windows with opaque glass so that no one can see inside when the window is closed.
  5. Install good lighting.  The proper amount of lighting is essential for ladies that want to have their hair and make-up turn out perfectly.  A bathroom should include multiple lighting options so that it can be dim when you want to soak in the tub or bright when putting on eyeliner.  Consider recessed lighting that is installed in the ceiling along with lights over the bathroom mirror and an extendable makeup mirror that is lit.
  6. Heated flooring.  If you want to keep your toes nice and toasty all year long, have heated floors installed.  This is a delightful way to heat the space and is an environmentally friendly solution.
  7. Color.  Don’t be afraid to experiment with color.  The bathroom is the perfect place to have fun and try out a new color or texture on the walls.  Since the space is small and confined, it doesn’t have to match the rest of the house.  Get creative and have fun with your bath remodel.
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