Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Custom Cabinets for Your Home

Custom Cabinets
If you need better storage, custom cabinets are the solution.  Many homeowners think of cabinetry in the kitchen only.  While it is absolutely necessary for an organized kitchen, they can be used in other areas of the home, as well.  We provide custom work for homes throughout the area.  Here are some of our favorite design and storage solutions.

When your family walks into the house they need an area to place coats, shoes, rain gear, backpacks, purses and more.  If you have a mudroom it can become an ideal place but still needs storage.  Placing a shoe rack on the floor simply won’t cut it.  Built-ins can be designed with a cubby up top for hats and purses, hanging coat storage underneath, and a bottom cubby for shoes and boots.  By installing one, for every member of the family, you can make getting out the door much faster.  This will eliminate the need to search the house for a new glove or boot when leaving for school Monday morning.

Entertainment Room
An entertainment room is great for relaxing with family and friends.  This is a fantastic area to play board games, video games, listen to music, and watch your favorite movie.  The challenge is that all of these things take up space and can make the room look cluttered.  Custom cabinets are the storage solution you need.  Individual cabinets can be designed with the storage item in mind.  For example, a board game cabinet needs to be wide and deep enough to fit the largest Scrabble set.  A video game cabinet needs to have smaller built in sections to separate games.  Understanding how you use the space enables us to design a custom solution.

The Garage
Who says the garage has to look cluttered and dirty?  If you are a hobbyist or like to keep your garage pristine, we can help by installing custom cabinets for the garage.  They can be made in any material or color that you like and house your tools and equipment.  This will save you time trying to find the right tool and help you to create a cool hangout spot.

A kitchen can always be improved by installing custom kitchen cabinets.  By evaluating the type of food you like to cook, how you cook, and the tools you use, we can create a plan for how to best store and access these items.  The kitchen is trickier than most places in the home because it is used so frequently.  Everything needs to have a flow in order to make cooking dinner a breeze.

Installing customized cabinetry in your bathroom can make getting ready in the morning faster and easier.  You can have special drawers for makeup, shaving supplies, accessories, towels and more.  Everything can have it’s place which will cut down on the time you have to spend digging for an item.  Careful planning can improve your routine.
For more custom cabinet solutions and ideas, give us a call.  We will be happy to meet with you and discuss options for improving your space.