Monday, March 31, 2014

We’re Experts at Kitchen Remodeling in New Orleans

Kitchen Remodel in New Orleans
Quality Kitchen and Bath specializes in kitchen remodeling in New Orleans.  Kitchens are our passion, and we are able to turn our client’s dreams into a reality, and better.  Our designers start by listening to our customer’s needs and learning about their lifestyle and how they use the kitchen.  Using this information, we are able to come up with a plan that turns an ordinary kitchen into a dream come true.
Here are some questions we ask before starting a remodel.

How many chefs are in the kitchen?
If you enjoy cooking with your spouse or children, your kitchen needs to have plenty of open space for multiple people to walk around and work on different aspects of a meal.  We can also install solutions like a pot filler on an unused counter so that one person can start dinner while the other is doing the dishes.  Creative design solutions make it comfortable to have multiple people in the kitchen at the same time.

What colors do you enjoy?
Your kitchen can be a soothing neutral landscape, or we can integrate your favorite colors into a tile backsplash, the kitchen cabinets, and even granite countertops.  There is no reason to have a boring kitchen.  We are experts at kitchen remodeling in New Orleans and can use your kitchen to express your personality.

What type of food do you like to cook?
It is important to understand the type of food you cook and how you prepare it.  For example, a family that creates more complicated meals may need a double oven or a six burner stove to make sure the kitchen has the right amount of appliances to cook each element of the meal at the same time.

Is the kitchen the gathering place?
If we visited your home on a Thursday evening would we see homework on the table, a computer humming, and someone cooking dinner while another stood around chatting?  The more people the merrier, but it is our job to make sure there is enough space to make your gathering place comfortable.  When completing kitchen remodeling in New Orleans, we will often incorporate additional seating into our design ideas.  This could be at a large kitchen counter or in the form of built in bench seating.  We will often build in office nooks where the computer, printer, bill paying station, and homework landing place can be integrated but out of the way.

Do you entertain often?
If you like to entertain the kitchen needs to do double duty by functioning for normal family life and parties.  We can install features like a warming oven to keep appetizers the perfect temperature while you mingle or create a space large enough for an industrial refrigerator that can hold party platters.  Entertainers may also appreciate special kitchen cabinets that are easily accessible for storing serving platters and other party dishes.

By understanding your family’s needs, we are able to create a customized space that lives up to your expectations.  We are experts at kitchen remodeling in New Orleans because we focus on the appearance of the kitchen and how well it functions during everyday life.  Call us today to learn more.