Wednesday, March 19, 2014

New Features for Custom Cabinets

Custom Cabinets
Cooking, cleaning, and storing is easier with custom cabinets.  New features are adding a new level of functionality to kitchens that maximize your time in the kitchen.  No more digging through dark cabinets or drawers to find what you are looking for.  New cabinets are not only beautiful, but they are more functional which will save you time.

Here are our favorite new features.

1.       Glass doors.  Place glass doors on your cabinet that holds cups, plates, and coffee mugs.  This makes it easy for guests to find commonly used items during a visit or dinner party. 

2.       Tray storage.  This is a must have. Baking pans, pizza trays, and cookie sheets can make a huge mess and digging through them in the middle of dinner prep can be a pain.  A tray storage cabinet solves this problem by enabling you to store your trays standing up. You can see exactly what you have and grab it in the moment.

3.       Lighting.  Under cabinet lighting can be installed so that you can see your counter and cooking surface easily.

4.       Drawer dividers.  Instead of throwing your utensils into one large open drawer, you can have drawer dividers installed.  This means you will have a place for the ice cream scoop that is separate from the can opener and spatulas.  Now every member of the family will be able to find what they are looking for.

5.       Deep drawers.  Shallow drawers are only useful for utensils and tin foil.  Because of this they often are used for the infamous junk drawer.  Installing deep drawers will enable you to store pots in an easy to access space that is also easy to keep organized.

6.       Full extension drawers.  These drawers are installed inside of your cabinet and pull out completely.  Instead of digging for a cup that is in the far back of your cabinet, custom cabinets let you pull out the base and easily access what’s inside.

7.       Spice organization. We can install custom spice organization space that lets you see exactly what you have.  This can work similar to wine storage in a crisscross pattern.

8.       Lazy Susan.  This classic corner storage will never go out of style.  A corner cabinet is installed with a rotating plastic base that maximizes what you can store while making it easy to access.

9.       Built in pantry.  Regardless of how large your kitchen is a built in pantry can be installed using a tall floor to ceiling cabinet with full extension drawers.  This is a practical solution for kitchens that aren’t big enough for a walk in pantry.

10.   Built in microwave.  We can install your custom cabinets to house your microwave and get it off of the counter.  This will look better and free up prep space for the chef.

Custom cabinets are an easy way to transform the look and feel of your kitchen.  With so many colors and beautiful materials to choose from, this is a must have in any kitchen remodel.  Make sure that your new cabinets do more than store things.  They should make it easier to stay organized and clean up.  Our custom cabinets do this and more.