Monday, May 16, 2016

A General Contractor Can Give You a New Bathroom

General Contractor
As a general contractor, we understand how critical bathrooms can be to the functionality of a home. While this is a room that does not get a lot of attention, and most people don't spend time talking about, your bathroom is one of the hardest-working rooms in your house. If you have a large family and only a couple of bathrooms, this room is working double duty and is probably very rarely empty. With the amount of people needing to brush their teeth, take a shower, get ready for school or work, and use the restroom, your bathroom never stops doing its job. But what if your bathroom is simply too small for all of the demands that are placed on it? What if your bathroom is too crowded or simply too outdated? In this scenario, it is highly likely that your family is undergoing undue stress due to the inefficiency of your bathroom.  The good news is that we can remodel your bathroom, expand it, and even give you a new one so that your family can get ready in style.

Remodel Your Bathroom to Increase the Efficiency of It

If you do not have the budget or the space to do an extension, it is possible for you to remodel your bathroom and to make it more efficient in the process. When we visit your home we will look at your space, discuss what your needs are, take measurements, and come up with solutions. We are solutions-oriented and as a general contractor, there is nothing that we cannot do.

Some of the easy ways that we can improve the efficiency of your space is to replace a single sink and vanity with a dual sink vanity combination. While you may be losing a little bit of counter space, you will be gaining the ability to have multiple people brush their teeth or get ready at the same time. This alone can make the morning routine go much faster and more smoothly. Another way to improve the efficiency of your space is to rearrange everything. Sometimes, for example, there's enough space for us to make a toilet closet. By placing the toilet into its own little room you can have someone going to the restroom in privacy while someone else is doing their hair or brush their teeth without them ever physically being in the same place - this may not require an extension.  In some cases making your bathroom more efficient is as simple as updating everything and adding more storage solutions. Regardless of what is required, we can help to create a plan that is going to make your life easier.

A General Contractor Can Complete an Addition

If you have the space to add on to your home we encourage you to do so. We can give you a new master bathroom or guest bathroom that will make your morning and evening routine much easier. The additional space can really alleviate a lot of stress and complications that can come from juggling schedules.

If you want to learn about the options available for your bathroom call our office to speak with a general contractor today.