Monday, November 30, 2015

Important Things to Consider Before a Bathroom Remodel

Most homeowners dream of performing a perfect bathroom remodel. When you buy a home, you often become stuck with outdated sinks, faucets, toilets, tiles, and more. You may not mind the current bathroom outfit, but you may feel like it doesn’t suit your particular decoration and design style. Now that you have the opportunity to perform a bathroom remodel, you have several things to consider before you begin. You should also consider hiring someone to perform the work for you to ensure everything is installed professionally and works correctly.

Consideration #1 Dream Big While Being Practical

Dream big and beautifully, but also consider your budget and practical uses of the space. Some of the most beautiful fixtures, sinks, and tubs also make servicing pipes and electric lines a hassle. When you are picking these items out for your bathroom remodel, consider placement and making important wires and pipes accessible to plumbers and electricians. This also goes for fancy add-ons like heated floors and touchless faucets. Heated floors may sound extravagant and wonderful, but are they really worth the cost when you can put that money toward classier fixtures or items that make your bathroom look more pleasing to the sight?

Consideration #2 Be On Guard for Toxic Chemicals and Materials

This consideration is especially important if you are performing a bathroom remodel in an older home. The presence of asbestos is often unknown until a remodel begins, and it can pose serious health risks to those who breathe it in. If you are concerned this could be a possibility in your home, hire a professional who knows how to prepare for toxic materials in advance. You may even need to stay elsewhere while your bathroom is being remodeled if this is a potentiality. You should also be aware that mold and mildew hiding in bathrooms is not uncommon. Not only are mold and mildew stinky and unsightly, but they can also lead to asthma attacks, respiratory problems, and worse health risks if you are exposed to them too long. Prepare yourself and others for these possibilities and hire a professional who is well-equipped to deal with them.

Consideration #3 Make Your Bathroom Convenient to Navigate

It can be tempting to pick out the biggest and most impressive tubs, toilets, and sinks, but also consider how useful they are. You want your bathroom to appear spacious and feel that way, so pick appliances that are easy to get around and provide you with a comfortable atmosphere. Also, keep in mind privacy. If you share a bathroom with someone, you may want to consider investing in toilet or shower spaces that are separate from each other, so you each have your needed privacy.

These are only three of the many considerations you should think about during a bathroom remodel. For an expert’s opinion and suggestions, contact our office. We can help you think of everything you need to get in order and decide on before you start your dream bathroom remodel.