Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Kitchen Remodeling in New Orleans: Ways to Save Money

Kitchen Remodeling in New Orleans
We provide kitchen remodeling in New Orleans for discerning homeowners that want their kitchen to look absolutely stunning.  We love what we do and enjoy both the design and build process.  Since we work with clients that have both small and large budgets, we are often asked what aspects of the remodel a homeowner can do on their own in order to save money.  If you want the kitchen of your dreams, it may be possible to get there sooner by hiring us to do the major work while you handle the small details.  We still advise that you hire a contractor to deal with any electrical or plumbing issues along with installing the cabinetry.  However, with that in mind, here are some kitchen remodeling hacks that you can try:
  • Backsplash ideas.  There are new products on the market that make it incredibly easy to get a beautiful backsplash without a lot of work.  For gorgeous subway tile, we can install it for a finished look.  If, however, you want something more earthy or rustic, we suggest trying Airstone.  This is a product that can be purchased at the local hardware store. It looks like interesting, natural stone tiles, but they are fake and can be easily applied to your walls using a simple adhesive.  This way if you have the budget for your main kitchen remodel, but not the backsplash, you can create your own for $100 or less. 
  • Refinishing cabinetry.  When conducting kitchen remodeling in New Orleans, we sometimes find homeowners that want to keep their existing cabinetry because they like the layout, or the cabinets are original to the home.  If this is the case, it is possible to refinish the cabinets and preserve them for future use.  We recommend having a professional (us) refinish them for you since it can be complicated and challenging to get them to look perfect.  Still, this can be a good way to keep your original materials and decrease your waste.
  • Hardware.  This is an excellent and easy way to improve the appearance of your kitchen.  If your cabinets are the right color and in great shape, but look dated, change your hardware.  Purchase some modern or funky knobs and drawer pulls then replace your old ones.  This will make your kitchen look like you updated it, even if you only screwed in a few knobs.
  • Paint. If you don’t mind getting dirty, you can save money on your remodel by painting the kitchen yourself.  This is one of the easiest parts of the job but will still shave off several hundred dollars in labor.  The nice thing about paint is that you can change the color as often as you like in order to improve the look of your home. 
  • Faucet.  While conducting kitchen remodeling in New Orleans, we have found that by switching out a dated faucet for a new and beautiful one, an entire sink can look new, even if it’s not.  This is one hack that can save you money.
To learn more about how to remodel your kitchen, schedule an appointment so that we can view your space and discuss ideas.