Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Kitchen Cabinet Installation is Not for the Faint of Heart

Kitchen Cabinet Installation

We provide professional kitchen cabinet installation so that you don’t have to worry about a kitchen nightmare.  While many people are interested in learning how to do things around the house, installing kitchen cabinets is more complicated that it initially appears.  This is due to several factors including challenges lining them up correctly and ensuring that they are properly secured to the wall.  In this situation, making a simple mistake can have costly consequences.

Instead of trying your hand at cabinet installation, we recommend working with an expert.  We can help you to design your cabinetry, build custom cabinets so that your home is beautifully unique, and install them to perfection.  Designing custom cabinets can be a lot of fun and gives you the opportunity to really let your creative side flourish.  Just like “there’s an app for that”… well there’s a cabinet for that too.  Regardless of what you are trying to store, a custom cabinet can help.  This allows for you to consider every way that your kitchen is used and have cabinetry designed for it.  For example, if you like to bake your own bread using a bread maker, we can design a “house” for it so that your machine is always plugged in and ready to go, without being visible when it isn’t in use.  The same is true for the toaster, coffee pot, rice maker and any other small appliances that you regularly use.

Simultaneously, interesting features can be incorporated into your custom cabinetry such as having plugins for your iPad built into the center island.  Though these features are small, they can make a big difference.  We can even install a hidden garbage shoot so that you can wipe the counter crumbs directly into the can instead of your hand first.  When you combine a lot of time-saving measures into your kitchen cabinet installation, life gets just a little bit easier.

Why you shouldn’t try kitchen cabinet installation on your own….
We say that this is not for the faint of heart due to the massive amounts of frustration that first-time DIY couples get when trying to remodel a kitchen.  Tearing out the existing cabinetry is a job in and of itself.  Once done, you have to make sure that the floor is flat, and the walls are prepared before installing any of the cabinetry.  Those that don’t check the floor may find that their cabinets and counters have a slant once in place.

Another common, and more costly, mistake is hanging the cabinets without finding the studs.  Drywall is incredibly thin, so thin, in fact, that you can snap off a piece without a tool, you can punch a hole through it…. the list goes on.  This becomes incredibly challenging if you are trying to hang cabinets.  Screwing a heavy cabinet that is supposed to hold equally heavy dishes into drywall is not safe.  You need to find the 2x4 studs behind the drywall and use them as an anchor for your cabinets so that you don’t find yourself in a kitchen full of broken dishes, or call to have us complete the job for you.