Monday, September 22, 2014

Modern Features Every Kitchen Remodel Should Have

Kitchen Remodel
If you are starting a kitchen remodel there are modern features that you should incorporate for the design and for your sanity.  For most homeowners, the kitchen is a high-traffic area that gets a lot of use.  The more kids you have, the busier your kitchen will be.  For many families this means that the kitchen also has to serve double duty as a homework station, entertaining area, and place hang out.  All of this must be possible in a room where meals are prepared, and messes are made.  Fortunately, there are several modern features that can make all of this easier. 
A lot has changed since the 1960s, but many homes still have outdated kitchens that are no more efficient than what your mom was using decades ago.  Sure, the stovetop may cook faster or more evenly but that’s not enough to make a huge difference.  Innovation seems to have passed our kitchens by – until recently. 
Here are some modern features you can incorporate into your kitchen remodel to ensure that your home is more functional and beautiful. 
  • Outlets.  Typically, most kitchens will have outlets here and there but the reality is that we plug everything in now, and more outlets are needed in order to keep up.  You should have them installed in the kitchen island, and anywhere you may use the toaster or mixer.  Think about where you will plug in your cell phone, tablet and speakers as well.  This should be a place that is far enough away from the mess, but still in the kitchen. 
  • Under cabinet lighting.  This feature is important and can make it easier to see what you are doing in the evening.  While a simple concept, under cabinet lighting shines directly onto your countertops make cooking and cleaning easier. 
  • Stainless steel hood.  By placing a hood range in your kitchen, you can keep smells from wandering through your home.  This is important since most people want a modern, open concept floor plan.  
  • Touchless faucet.  There is nothing worse than cutting meat and having to turn your faucet on.  Germs are spread very easily this way.  Instead, have a touchless faucet installed so that you can run your hands under it for water and keep germs from spreading throughout the kitchen. 
  • Large island with seating.  Make sure that your kitchen has an island that can serve double duty as a place for homework and entertaining, along with cooking.  The easiest way to do this is to build the eating counter higher than the cooking surface.  This creates a level of separation without taking up any more space.  You can also install a sink to give a separate space to prep food that is away from the dirty dishes. 
  • Warmer oven.  Life is busy, and you may not have time to cook dinner at six, but have plenty of time at four.  By installing a warmer oven in your kitchen, you can cook when you have time and eat food later while it is still at the perfect temperature.
These are only some of the features that you should incorporate into your kitchen remodel.  For further inspiration, give us a call.