Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Granite Countertops for Your Kitchen Remodel: Why We Love Them!

Granite CountertopsIf you want to install granite countertops for your kitchen remodel, give us a call. Both beautiful and durable, granite is a popular material that stands the test of time. We can use granite for your standard kitchen counters and carry it throughout your kitchen in order to create more counter space beyond the usual areas. For example, many people take this opportunity to make a butler's pantry right outside of their kitchen by incorporating the same granite materials in a small hallway.

Others will take the same granite and use it to create a desk inside the kitchen that acts as a surface for homework, paying the bills, or sitting and relaxing while waiting for dinner. Depending on the size of your kitchen, you may also want to incorporate granite into the middle of the room by using it to create a lovely island. These are all things that we can help you with. We can also make recommendations for possible ways to utilize granite when you call and schedule an in-home consultation.

Benefits of Granite

When you compare granite countertops for your kitchen remodel with the alternatives, granite tends to stand head and shoulders above the rest. Here is why:

  • Variety. Since granite occurs naturally, you can select from numerous styles, shades, colors and pattern combinations. Granite is a truly incredible option for anyone that wants to add a unique touch to their kitchen. Since a lot of people are not interested in having counters that look the same as their neighbor's or best friend's, granite can be an excellent solution to consider. After all, you may select a piece of granite that looks like nothing you have ever seen and will not appear in anyone else's home.
  • Durability. One of the best things about granite is its durability. It is unlikely that your granite will crack or chip even after years of use. Your granite can stand up to the daily abuse that your family dishes out, even if that involves chopping the occasional vegetable on your counter. While not recommended, it is nice to know that you can have a material in place that will stand up to even careless or busy decisions made by prep cooks.
  • Easy to Clean. Granite is not as likely to soak in stains and dirt as some other counter materials. This means that it is far easier to clean and to look good no matter what. This is good news for any busy families that might not have as much time to clean as they prefer.
  • Price. Granite is certainly not cheap and when you compare it to other solutions like laminate, it will definitely cost you more. However, it is also less money than something like marble. This makes it an affordable and glamorous solution when you are on a budget.

Schedule An In-Home Consultation

For ideas, tips, or suggestions on how to use granite countertops in your kitchen remodel, call our office and schedule a consultation.