Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Go From Retro to Glam With Our Kitchen Cabinet Installation Services

Kitchen Cabinet Installation
You know that you need kitchen cabinet installation when your cabinets have a 1970s retro vibe — in a bad way. Ugly brown cabinets that are hung too low and have very little depth seemed to have plagued the 1970s and are still in many homes today. While they were built to last, their functionality and aesthetics are more than lacking. We have gotten calls from many homeowners who simply can no longer take having to stack cereal boxes sideways or keep syrup on the counter because none of the cabinets are tall enough to fit them. This is on top of the serious inconveniences caused by not having enough storage for pots, pans, or virtually anything. Since the cabinets from this decade happened to be incredibly shallow and short, they really don’t work for modern families. The good news is that you can kiss the 70s goodbye by having us remodel your kitchen and install functional kitchen cabinets.

Signs Your Kitchen Is a Little Too Retro

#1 - Your Lazy Susan is masquerading as a pantry.

If you have a tiny corner cabinet pretending to be a pantry, it is time for a remodel. These Lazy Susans take up too much space, and the older ones don’t fit much at all, certainly not enough for the modern family.

#2 - You can’t see under your cabinets.

The lack of visibility is fairly common in retro kitchens. While they may have been designed for your four-foot grandma, if you are taller or your spouse is, the low hanging cabinets are likely causing more frustration than they are worth.

#3 - Your cabinet liners are orange and brown flowers.

Perhaps these were changed when you bought the house, but if your cabinet liners look like they took a page from That 70s Show, it is clearly time to schedule a new kitchen cabinet installation. As they say, out with the old and in with the new.

Why You Should Do This

It goes far beyond improving the aesthetics of your kitchen and home (although replacing your cabinets will certainly do so). If you are like most families, you live in your kitchen. Cooking is not an optional activity. It is something you must do a minimum of twice per day and sometimes all day if you have young children. Between cooking, cleaning, making snacks, doing homework, and finally grabbing your cup of evening tea, there is a good chance that you spend hours every day in this room of your home. You might as well enjoy it. Part of that enjoyment comes from the ability to easily access what you need when you are cooking, from everything having a set place in a neat and organized fashion to enjoying what you see and touch. We can make all of this possible for you, plus there are many modern features like internal organization, electrical outlets, and more that can turn a standard kitchen cabinet installation project into something that will actually improve your life.

To learn more or to finally get rid of your old cabinets, give us a call.