Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Tips for the Perfect Kitchen Cabinet Installation for Your Home

If you are planning a kitchen cabinet installation for your home, we suggest hiring a contractor and would be happy to assist you. In the meantime, we have a few important tips for you to keep at the front of your mind while you decide on options. For the perfect cabinet installation, you will have to think about the ideal kitchen layout, perfect lighting, complementary colors, quality materials, and long-lasting appliances. Even just these things are a lot to keep in mind, so we have provided you with a few tips that many people forget to consider in order to get you started on a successful kitchen cabinet installation.

1. Plan Ahead for the Appropriate Amount of Storage

When you are planning a perfect kitchen cabinet installation, you should keep in mind how often you cook and how much storage space you will realistically need. If you have a layout in mind that is minimalist or open-air with very little cabinet space, you may need to rethink your setup. You will regret not having the space you need, and your counters will end up looking crowded and cluttered. We can install cabinets that look clean and crisp, but reach the ceiling, so you have a longer range of storage. To come up with ways to make your space look open and clean while also providing yourself with enough storage, visit our office for help.

2. Consider Getting Under-Cabinet Lighting

We often troubleshoot for people who have had a kitchen cabinet installation but realized after the fact that they do not have ideal lighting. If the light is hitting you from the middle of the kitchen, it is most likely behind you, which will make it harder to see the food you are attempting to prepare. When you are planning a perfect kitchen cabinet installation, make sure you keep in mind what kind of lighting you will like best. We can provide you with many examples, or you can find great ideas online that you can share with us before your installation.

3. Plan for Hard-to-Reach Areas

For your everyday items, like cups and dishes, you will want to have a cabinet that is lower, easier to access, and more spacious. You should be able to fit these items all in the same general area. For example, you may consider having a section of cabinets next to your fridge so you can grab a plate, get something from the fridge, and throw it in the microwave in one quick fashion. Make sure you also have drawers in the section for silverware. This also goes for pots and pans you'd like near the stove. We also suggest that your expensive china and other items you would like to keep away from little hands are kept in mind. If you have kids, plan to put a few cabinets higher, so your valuable kitchen accessories are out of reach and less at risk of breaking. If it seems too high, a step stool can be hidden somewhere discreet for your use only.

These are only three of the most common tips we suggest you think about when planning a cabinet installation. If you have other concerns about your kitchen cabinet installation, please feel free to contact us for more planning tips or ideas on construction.