Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Make Room for Grandma With Help From a General Contractor

General Contractor
As a general contractor, we are experts at providing home remodeling solutions.  Whatever the needs of your family are, we can help.  We are solution oriented and it is important that your home suits your family’s needs so that you can enjoy your time there and feel comfortable, rather than stressed out due to a lack of functionality or space constraints.  One challenge that many families have is finding space for extended family, whether they are visiting for a month or needing to move in.  We can create a space for both.

As a general contractor, our home remodeling solutions can make space for extended family. To create a design for your home, we need to visit with you, take a tour and look at your property to determine what options might be available.  One thing to consider is who is going to stay at your home and how long they plan to be there.  This is important because if your guests will only be staying off and on, you may want to create a space that can be repurposed in their absence.  For example, Grandma may come to stay for a month around the holidays but if she only visits once a year, you won’t want an empty room the rest of the time.  

We will frequently build an addition that serves as a guest suite for short-term out of town guests.  To make the room dual purpose, we can make the bed a Murphy bed that pulls down from the wall. You can put it in place before they come so that the room is all set up, and when they leave, it folds back into the wall so that you can use the space differently.  This often works well as a combined at-home office/guest suite or as a craft room.  We can build in a reserved closet for your guests’ clothes with an entirely separate closet or storage center that can be used for the items that need to be stored on a daily basis.  This way the space can have designated zones rather than storing your craft supplies in the same closet that grandma needs to hang her winter sweaters.  Additionally, the benefit of using a Murphy bed is that if you do need a space like a home office for daily use, it can serve one purpose during the day and another at night while still giving your guests privacy.
Get creative with our home remodeling solutions.

If your visitors are planning on becoming permanent or semi-permanent house guests, you may want to consider a different type of solution.  If, for example, Grandma is moving in, we recommend giving her a separate entrance into her suite or unit.  That way she can maintain some level of autonomy.  You can easily do this with a ground level addition, and we can create a path leading to the door from your driveway area.  If you have a walkout basement or are building a garage apartment, this is also a possibility.  As a general contractor, we also recommend that you turn it into a one bedroom or a studio with a kitchenette.  While small, this can make life a little easier so that she can have her own snacks and things to prepare small meals if she, or you, would like some alone time.