Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Get Rid of Your Outdated Kitchen With New Custom Cabinets

Custom Cabinets
If you have an ugly kitchen, custom cabinets can help to transform it.  Let’s face it, not everyone loves their house or their kitchen.  In fact, after you have put a fresh coat of paint on the walls and laid down new flooring, the main area of the house can usually look much improved.  These simple and affordable solutions work well for giving your home a fresh feel.  It doesn’t do much, however, for the kitchen, and if you don’t like yours – it is time for a makeover.

We can turn the most boring, ugly, and outdated kitchen into a dream space.  Whether you are stuck with old cabinets and appliance from the 70s or medium oak from the early 90s, we can take you into the next century.  While doing so, you can have the opportunity to customize your kitchen to fit your every need.  From how many sinks that you have to where each type of cabinet is placed, you can become as creative and as detailed as you like when planning for how to renovate your space. 

One of the reasons you can be so creative with your kitchen is that with custom cabinets, everything can be made to your exact requests and specifications.  Custom cabinetry goes far beyond selecting the height, width and depth of each cabinet.  You can select the color and the hardware for a customized appearance that matches your personality and that’s just getting started.  We invite you also to consider how you use your space, what your most used pots and pans are, how many spices you need to access, etc. Think about what meals you like to cook, how you like to cook them, and what tools and ingredients you need in order to do so.  Make a list so that we can learn about your style and incorporate features into your remodel that make it faster and easier to cook your favorite meals. 

We understand how critical it is for a kitchen to have optimal functionality and do our best to incorporate that into every design that we do.  For example, we may suggest wider drawers in place of several cupboards so that you can have a clean and organized space for your pots. What we do will be based on our conversations, learning about your concerns, and how you like to use the space.  All of this can then come together without an issue. 
If you love to make choices, you will love your new custom cabinets. Seeing something that you selected come to life is always a ton of fun, and we will work to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the material that you select, even the shade and hardware.  While creating a plan with you, we will also point out some amazing features that you can have incorporated.  Things like hidden compartments and a slide out cutting board can make cooking that much better.